Business Enterprises Recovery System

Establishing a recycling strategicstrategy in cooperation with centralnational and multinational enterprises

Since the beginning of this work, GEM has beenjoined hands with actors such as Coca-Cola, EPSON, Dongfeng Automobile, South China Electric Power Design Institute, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Citroen Automobile, Haier group, AOC computer, and Shangri-La Leica measurement, and other units to signMeasurement among others, for the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement, scrap asset recovery. on recycling.

Reverse recovery system in cooperationCooperating with large commercial actors and commercial chain outlets in the establishment of a reverse recovery system

MetGEM met together with Wuhan Wu Shang group co., LTD, Suning, Gome and other large commercial actors and commercial chainjointly signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promotepromoting the reverse recovery, the protocol for trade and recycling of old goods, reverse agreement of trade as well as recovery, through the reverse logistics mode, explore; exploring new economic value-added logistics mode,models and the appreciation of existing logistics, enhance; enhancing the circulation of the gross margin, the construction of profit margins; and building a low carbon logistics system.