Talent Strategy

        GEM has always adhered theto a "human-oriented" employment philosophy of "human-oriented ". Evaluate talents with character, appoint talents without any restraint of styles, create talents with the career, so that talents will promote GEM’s career. Recruit talents without any restraint of styles, regardless of the time of joining, and. We evaluate the value of talents withbased on their virtue and competence, diligence, responsibility and contribution. Give full scope to the talents, and put the right person in the right position. Continue to provide, recruiting and appointing without overly sticking on conventions or being restrained by certain style standards. We wish to cultivate their career and let them grow together with the company, by giving give full scope to talents and assigning them to the appropriate positions, tolerating them mistakes and accompanying them throughout their career, while continuously providing opportunities offor training and exercises, and bear the mistakes of talents and let talents grow with the company.

        GEM has been committedcommitting to creating athe creation of an inclusive, equal and collaborative working environment that is tolerant, equal,would be based on mutual trust and collaborative, to provide a stage to beneficial atmosphere for the staff to exert and display their talent for the staff. Strengthen. We encourage talent cultivation and introduction, recommendation, so as to provide talent support for the company's future development; Establish of our company; stimulate healthy incentives and competition mechanism,mechanisms; balance the pace of business development and the introduction of talent pace with reasonable and understanding measures, for introducing new talents; and soundly implement the established talents cultivating and introducing talent cultivation and introduction schemes to form perfectcomprehensive and skillful talent teamteams and plentiful talent reserve pools for the company. Meanwhile, strengthenStrengthening the efforts to establish for the installation of a talent competition mechanism is also part of the effort to build awhat may become the next management team forin charge of the future development of GEM Co., Ltd. Careful, some parts are extremely repetitive, especially concerning “talent introduction”. In English and other western languages we try to avoid repetition, maybe the content should be somewhat altered to suit that purpose.