GEM(Jiangxi) Industrial Park
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  GEM (Jiangxi) Recycling Industrial Park (Jiangxi GEM) was established in May 2010 which is the second largest recycling industry base invested by GEM Group in Fengcheng city. It covers an area of 100 ha which includes four campuses, the electronic waste recycling industrial park, scrap metal recycling industrial park, the steel recycling industrial park and the market of Jiangxi city mineral resources, respectively.

  Jiangxi GEM is mainly engaged in the recycling and resource recovery of utilization of mineral resources such as electronic waste, waste plastics, automobiles and steel scrap, scrap metal, waste fluorescent tubes and power battery. It has the recycling of modified high-performance plastic particles and copper metal, power battery of cascade utilization and other high-tech products.

  Relying on the company Jiangxi GEM has constructed Jiangxi province engineering technology research center, Jiangxi province enterprise technology center and Jiangxi province engineering research center, the postdoctoral innovation and practice base and other innovation platforms. Research center covers an area of 5000 m2 which contains the laboratory of clean separation of waste plastic waste plastics modification regeneration laboratory, the pollution control laboratory of waste plastics recycling. There are hundreds of waste plastic recycling experiments and engineering equipment, such as DSC and X ray fluorescence analyzer, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV ultraviolet aging, xenon lamp aging, melt flow rate instrument, microcomputer control electronic universal machine, granulometry, rapid moisture tester which could be carried out the whole process inspection and quick analysis of material composition, performance, size, structure and function. The research center has been cooperating with domestic and foreign famous institutes, jointly developed and applied a variety of high-level waste recycling technologies to solve the problem of recycling and utilization of waste resources in China. 

  Jiangxi GEM is a national high-tech enterprise which is the first batch enterprises to enjoy enterprise fund subsidies of waste electric and electronic products by national ministry of finance, the national development and reform commission, ministry of environmental protection and ministry of industry designated. It has HW49 dangerous waste business licenses issued by the department of environmental protection in Jiangxi Province and is a designated enterprise of recycling and dismantling scrapped automobiles by Jiangxi Province Commerce Departmentl. The company is also the first batch science and technology innovation enterprises of energy conservation and emission reduction, circular economy pilot enterprises, ecological civilization demonstration enterprises, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises, two depth fusion demonstration enterprises, environmental protection education base, the leader enterprises of service industry, the undertake enterprises of green recycling project, the demonstration enterprise of safety culture construction in Jiangxi province, and it won the 15th China honorable patent award.

  At present, Jiangxi GEM is undertaking the project of Jiangxi city mineral market. Focused on the advantages of the policy, resources, capital and others, we catch the opportunity of upgrading the renewable resource market based on 30 years history of Fengcheng city to develop the project of city mineral resources market in Fengcheng city circular economy park.Our goal is to form a domestic first-class renewable resource market, integrating gathering, sorting, and marketing together, with the distribution volume of over 450000 tons. It could provide the strategic safeguard demand for renewable resources and greatly rise the control of the resource channel and quantity of the regional renewable resources.


GEM (Jiangxi) Recycling Industrial Park

The Scrap Automobile Depot of Jiangxi GEM

A Panoramic View of Jiangxi Waste Electric and Electronic Plant

The Dismantling Base of Scrap Metal

The Disassembling Line of Motorcycle