GEM(Wuhan) Urban Mining Resources Recycling Development Co., Ltd.
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  GEM (Wuhan) Urban Mining Resources Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as the GEM (Wuhan) cycle Industrial Park ) was founded in October 2012.

  It is a Circular industrial base invested in Wuhan by GEM, which engages in comprehensive utilization of waste electrical and electronic equipment, end-of-life vehicles, scrap iron and steel, waste plastics and non-ferrous metals.

  GEM (Wuhan) cycle Industrial Park covers an area of 658 acres with an investment of 1.2 billion RMB, constructing the projects as follows: electrical waste disposal, scrapped equipment and scrapped vehicles disposal, vehicle parts remanufacturing, waste metals disposal, catalyst disposal of the scrapped vehicles, plastics waste and agricultural waste disposal and urban mining equipment manufacturing, establishing the world-advanced base of electrical waste circular utilization disposal, scrapped vehicles comprehensive utilization disposal and vehicle parts remanufacturing.

  In accordance with the new mode of green environmental protection "processization, mechanization, harmless, resourceful, informatization, educational," at present, the world-advanced scrapped domestic appliances and end-of-life vehicle processing center has been established in Wuhan.

  In June 2014, GEM (Wuhan) cycle Industrial Park, as the only enterprises representative in Hubei province, was rewarded with Hubei province environmental protection Award. In December 2015, GEM (Wuhan) cycle Industrial Park won the environmental education and social practice base of national primary and middle schools. In the future, based on Wuhan and radiating China, GEM (Wuhan) is committed to becoming the national urban mineral resource recycling industry park of advanced-tech, advanced environmental protection and world orienting, demonstration base of national urban mineral recycling and utilization, industry demonstration base and the demonstration base of technical innovation and eco-civilization education.

GEM (Wuhan) Urban Mining Resources Industrial Park

GEM (Wuhan) Urban Mine Museum

Scrapped car yard

Scrap car dismantling line

Motorcycle dismantling line

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