Wuhan Hannengtong New Energy Service Co., Ltd
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  Wuhan Hannengtong New Energy Service Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of GEM Co., Ltd., established in March 19, 2008, the registered capital of 25 million RMB. The company currently operates mainly in the new energy vehicle sales, leasing and maintenance services, and new energy auto parts sales. The company is committed to building a new business model of "create value chain together, share competitiveness together”, to construct a complete new energy life cycle value chain of “battery recycling -- ternary power battery precursors recycling-- ternary power battery material recycling-- power battery pack recycling-- new energy vehicles” by being the last step of the whole chain, and to achieve the large cycle system of the power battery from the discarded side to the consumer side.

  Meanwhile, Wuhan Hannengtong New Energy Service Co., Ltd is dominated by the Ministry of Commerce, constructed and operated by the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce and GEM Co., Ltd as the National Recycling Economy Research Base. The purpose of Circular Economy Research Base is , aiming to connecting with the international standard, serving Country, and serving industry, to build Circular Economy Theory and Business Mode Research Base, Circular Economy Technology and Standard Research Base, Circular Economy Mode for Practice and Achievements Transformation Base, High-end Talent Aggregation, Training and International Cooperation Exchange Base of Circular Economy, and Concept of Circular Economy Popularization and Education Base.

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