Wuhan Urban Circle (Xiantao) Urban Mining Resources Market Co., Ltd.
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  Wuhan Urban Circle (Xiantao) Urban Mining Resources Market Co., Ltd., founded on January 11st, 2013 and covering 520 acres, located in Changtang Town, Xiantao City, Hubei Province,60 km away from the urban area of Wuhan, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GEM Co., Ltd. It is committed to constructing a huge market based on central China and radiating the whole country, for recycling resources. The company, GEM (Wuhan Urban Circle-Xiantao), is mainly engaged in recycling, such as recycling of electronic waste, scrap automobiles, scrapped agricultural machinery, waste electrical and mechanical equipment, wasted rare metals and other urban mineral resources, to establish an advanced scrapped car comprehensive utilization center in Wuhan urban circle, to form a high-tech & harmless disposal demonstration plant of green recycling and low carbon products re-utilization. By the way of integrating market and deep processing base, exploring the interactive waste resources exploiting pattern of the Government, citizens and enterprises, the company achieve the circulation among resource, environment and consumption and the industrial chain of renewable resources and scrapped car comprehensive utilization, thus finding a way to inexhaustible urban mining, greatly promoting the renewable resources industry development of Wuhan urban circle and the central China and becoming the first-class national urban mineral recovery system innovation base, disposal and utilization demonstration base, data transaction base.


Wuhan Urban Circle (Xiantao) Urban Mining Resources Market Co., Ltd