Other Recycling

 Recovery  Flows

GEM is a pioneer in installing crushers on recycling truck trucks for the first time and crush the recycled immediate on-side crushing of hard diskes to ensuredrives, thus ensuring no leakage of confidential documents to others.(This was already mentioned in a previous part, and what does it have to do with “Recovery” or “Recycling” flows)

Internal Recycling Duty for Entreprises

The company strongly advocates the staffsstaff to participate in the recyclingdiligent collecting of garbage, to achieve the recycling of internal resource waste resources. Each employee needsis encouraged to recycle 6 kilograms ofwasteof waste battery and electronic waste, and 2 kilograms of waste paper, and makes everyone gain the popularity of . The resource and energy-saving emission reduction obligations, and itduties of its employees has become aan integral part of GEM’s enterprise environmental culture construction of GEM.