Product Name: Gold Ingots

Model Specifications: bright yellow block

Implemented standards: GEM-ZY-QS-013

Packaging: wrapped in clean paper, packed in wooden box.

Use: raw material for producing a variety of gold-based products


Product name: Silver Ingots

Model Specifications: bright white block

Implemented standards: GEM-ZY-QS-014

Packaging: wrapped in clean paper, packed in wooden box

Use: raw material for producing a variety of silver-based products


Product name: palladium sponge

Model Specifications: gray spongy metal

Implemented standards: GEM-ZY-QS-015

Packaging: bottled, 1000g per bottle

Use: material for electric appliances, chemical industry and manufacture of precision alloys


Product name: rhodium

Model Specifications: silver-white metal with extreme hardness, wear-resistant and considerable ductility

At moderate temperatures, rhodium can resist to most common acids (including aqua regia) but can react with hot concentrated sulfuric acid, hot hydrobromide, sodium hypochlorite and halogen-free within the 200~600℃ temperature range. Rhodium does not react with most of the molten metal, such as gold, silver, sodium and potassium, and molten alkali.

Rhodium is widely used in the manufacturing of alloys, such as platinum-rhodium alloys, and also used to manufacture hydrogenation catalysts, thermocouples and hard-bright coating for other metals, for example coating in silverware, camera parts, searchlights and mirrors. In addition, rhodium is also used as polishing agent for gemstones and electric contact parts. It is a rare and precious metals, with a wide usage range in many industries.