The large market of recycling and gatheringdistribution based on the Internet of Things

GEM has established a large regional renewable resources recycling market in Jingmen and GEM Wuhan circle (Xiantao). The regeneration resources from Wuhan city circle are gathered in jingmen industrial park for further processing and utilization. Gem has set up a centralized distribution center and seven professional distributing and classifying markets,including information center building and seven professional markets, distribution and classifying center, delivery warehouse and logistics area, construction of "urban mineral resources" resource collection and distribution of large markets, large transactions, large information and large logistics system.

GEM has bring in the Internet of things to establish market for renewable resources collecting and distributing, realizing the gathering among enterprises, industrial and commercial enterprises and individual recyclers towards the market. Meanwhile, the recycling economy is introduced into the whole process of consumption, so that the recycling becomes a commercial and consumer behavior, and a big cycle of resources, environment and consumption system is realized.

Thereafter, GEM’s circular economy method will be led inintegrate the whole process of consumption to turn recycling into a commercial and consumptive actionconsumer-based process.


The large market of urban mineral resources of GEM Wuhan circle (Xiantao)

The large market of Urban mineral resources of GEM Wuhan circle (Xiantao) project mainly aims at establishing a urban mineral resources collecting and distributing market (including renewable resources distributing center, scrapped goods and second-hand goods displaying and selling center, parts of scrapped automobile recycling center and renewable resources information center), which covers the Wuhan city circle and radiates over the central China. This market will become one of China’s first class and world-advanced centers in resource intensivism, standardization and information-based collecting and distributing, classifying, comprehensive utilization, displaying and sales demonstration center, and a regional large green renewable resources collecting and distributing exhibition Center and environmental education base. 

    This market will become one of china’sChina’s first class and world's as well as a world-advanced demonstration center for gatheringthe intensive and standardized collecting, sorting, utilizingprocessing, displaying and selling of renewable resources with an intensive, normalized and informational style. Meanwhile, it will become a; and a primary regional exhibition center for the large-scale green gatheringenvironmental-friendly collecting and processing of renewable resources. 

GEM Wuhan urban circle (Xiantao) mineral resources market (plan)  

GEM Wuhan city circle (Xiantao) mineral resources market (investment project signing ceremony) 
Brief introduction of Ezhong renewable resources bigthe Renewable Resources Market. in Hubei province

GEM has set one large market for renewable resources market, three classifying centers (Zhongxiang, Jingshan, Shayang) and 85 recycling sites in Dongbao, Duodao, Zhongxiang, Jingshan and Shayang. GEM is establishing a modern renewable resources market with the function of recycling, storage, classifying, processing, displaying, transactions and training by through a normative operation and management, aiming at forging a function partitioning and public information searching platform and modern demonstration base of top-notch modernized industry demonstration base of low-carbon recycling economy.

The Renewable Resources Large Market of Central Hubei (including scrap steel, non-ferrous metal, waste plastic, electronic waste recovery workshop) is one of the its four business of circular economy.

After the project was completed, the annual trading amount of recycled resources reaches 400,000 tons, 1,500,000 units for the domestic appliances and 10,000 units for the other devices, thus undertakes the GEM’s responsibility for e-waste recycling. GEM has a professional dismantling qualification and a standardize dismantling team. With its good conditions (dismantling qualification, dismantling supporting workshop, etc.) , The Renewable Resources Large Market of Central Hubei is appointed as the recycling unit of Dongbao district for agricultural machineries and undertakes the responsibilities of recycling and dismantling agricultural machineries in Jingmen.