Green Brick

Jingmen Luyuan Waste Residue and Mud Disposal Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. was established on February 16, 2012, engaging in the sustainable disposal of waste residue and mud by reworking it into ecological bricks, with an annual production capacity reaching 30 million pieces of standard bricks and 20 million pieces of porous brick.


The company's business objective and purpose: Reducing environmental pollution while benefiting mankind; turning waste into wealth and manufacturing new ecological materials with patented technology to protect the rare earth resources.

Brick factory production process

Brick production process: waste residue and mud drying→shale or coal gangue and other accessories crushing→screening→laboratory testing→adding fuel→ mixing→ aging→ Strong mixing→ vacuum extrusion→cutting→ coding→ physical drying→sintering→finished product (out of kiln).

Ecological brick

Ecological bricks are characterized by their great durability, standard size, integrated shape, uniform color, with a simple natural appearance, which make them a safe and comfortable use for building wall and any external decoration. It is a very promising alternative as a clay brick replacement product.