Employee Care

The construction of Harmoniousa Culture of Harmony: ReallyWe deeply care about employees and rather wish to treat every staff as a family member. SoWe wish that all members of the staff’s families family members would feel relieved thathappy and thankful about their loved ones workworking in GEM.

On holidays, GEM’sour company leaders would showsend their whole blessingwishes and blessings to all the staff and their families.

Caring Employeefor our Employees

GEM 'sGEM's mottos on the Harmonious Cultural Construction Quotations:
  • Take responsibilityBe responsible, smile at work every day;

  • Avoid "safety accidents, environmental accidents and labor disputes";

  • Treat employees with love and care, built a harmonious labor relationship;

  • The managements aremanagement team is close to the staff and they take turns at accompanying employees to work and back home;

  • Improve the working and accommodation conditions of the staff;

  • Eliminate the use of crude means to deal with labor disputes;

  • Set up three times heart-to-heart talka correction system to the staffs who breakwith three direct talks concerning staff breaking rules and regulations;

  • Provide training and learning opportunities for employees.

Fundamental Philosophy

AdheringGEM deeply adheres to the concept of "Employees’ growththat "Employees blossoming and enterprise’senterprise development are in synchronization, and employees’synchronized, what benefits andto employees will bring benefits to the enterprise revenue are consistent", GEM always insist", thus the company strives for the construction of a harmonious corporate culture system which make allconsiders the employees’ interests as the keyfocal point, to build for the building of a comfortable, relaxed and proactiveenergetic working environment. With employees’We ensure the installation of a win-win situation between the enterprise and the worker body through employee participation in management, reasonable staff performance evaluation andevaluations, respect, caring for employees and other means to ensure win-win between enterprises and and care for employees.

WhenIf the staff in happens to face difficulties, GEM would bestand together with employees and send to the warmthdeliver their kindness

Over the years, the company has always carried out activities of sending warmth to thesupport employees with difficulties. EstablishIn addition to establishing a difficultcomplex reporting system for the staff and issues, we have set up special funds to support the familyfamilies of employees with problem. The company leadershipleaders are always hands-on to send theinvolved in delivering hardship subsidy and concernsubsidies as well as their care and concerns to the staff in person, so that employees would feel the company'sGEM’s profound warmth and caring.

In the spare time, in orderIn an effort to enrich the cultural life of the staff and offering moments to better relax, GEM has not only established entertainment centers and facilities for their workers in everyall the industrial parks, but also organized competitions, tourism, outdoor development,recreations and other spare-time activities for employees and broadcastwhile promoting low -carbon knowledge to let alland advocating the staff to fulfill environmental protection.

Carry out vocational training to improve staff’s quality

GEM regularly carryand timely carries out the correspondingadapted and relevant safety trainingtrainings, induction trainingtrainings, corporate culture trainingtrainings, ideological and educational trainingtrainings to both new and senior staff, to propagate the conceptconcepts of GEM’s corporate culture and the, our rules and regulations to all staff timely , so that the staff can more comprehensively understand employees may acquire a comprehensive understanding of GEM. At the same time, in order toit also serves the purposes of further enhance theenhancing leadership management of leadership, execution, at the executive and management level, to better servelevels, by playing a greater role in serving the company and the industry and play much more value..

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