industrial recycling

  On one hand, the companyGEM establishes cooperationa relationship of cooperation between up-down steamupstream and  thedownstream enterprises which engage in through the recycling and classification processing of of cobalt -and nickel waste as well as sorted collecting and  processing of e-waste. Through theAfter a cautious classified collection and classification, the waste is sold to the company.Thenthe  cyclecompanies, forming a cyclical chain of waste collection, deepelaborate recycling and deep processing is formed. 

  On the other hand, throughby signing the agreement of waste recycling agreements with the enterprises which directly produce waste materials, the a professional control system of directional flow of waste resources and the professional system flows is formed.

  At present, the companyGEM has already signed the relevant agreementagreements about e-waste dispositiondisposal with some companies, such as the Hubei Branch of Shenzhen SKYWORTH and the Packing Branch of Dongfeng Hongtai Wuhan Holding Group CO., LTD. Meanwhile, GEM has startsalso launched a direct cooperation programme with the upstream manufacturing enterprises, such as BYD and Sichuan Changhong Electric Company in order to keep a stable and adequate supply source supply.


Variety range of industrial recycling

copper raw materials

Including copper-containing waste (mud), bright copper, copper (Cu>99%), #1 copper (Cu 97%), #2 copper (Cu 95.5%), copper ingots, the fire -processed copper plating copper platoonbars, 62 brass scrap, brass, miscellaneous brass, brass tank, iron brass tank, regeneration ofrecycled brass rodsticks (imported copper bar), 1# power line (88-92%), 1# high grade line (77-82%), 1# electric wire (70-75%), 2# high content mixing line (58-62%), 2# electric wire (50-55%), 3# electric wire (40-45%), 3# electric wire (38-40%), copper lead cable (Cu 3# electric wire(38-40%)35%, Pb45%), underground cable (Cu 7%, Al 35%), shelled hybrid motor spindle (middlemedium and small), copper motor rotor, waste motor (8-10%) etc.

nicklenickel raw material

Including nickel waste (mud), nickel battery  materials, crude nickel sulfate, crude nickel carbonate, etc.

cobalt raw material

Including Co-containingCobalt waste (mud), lithium cobalt oxides battery materials, cobalt ore, etc.

PCB materials

TV circuit board, computer mainboardsmotherboard, other electric circuit board, etc.


PP, PE, ABS and other waste plastics

Raw Materials of Tungsten

Waste hard alloy, grinding material, waste tungsten alloy, tungsten bars, tungsten oxide etc.