Public Institutions Recycling System

On August 16, 2012, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Council organized 8 pilot provinces and municipalitiesregrouped actors of the recycling business and agency service management department departments from 8 pilot provinces to sign together for the cooperative constructiondevelopment of public institutions waste recycling systeminstitutions in Shijiazhuang. GEM participated in the signing ceremony, and represented of the recycling business to makeby releasing a statement.
 On October 15, 2012, the Hubei Provincial Government Offices Administration, and the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce issued "released the "notice for undertaking enterprises on the determination of the public institutions in Hubeifor waste recycling enterprises undertake notice",in Hubei", a notice to determinewhich determined Wuhan GEM Resource Recycling Co.., Ltd. as a main contractor in Hubei province for the establishment of public institutions ofrelated to waste products recycling contractors.
In 2012, GEM signed agreements of discarded items on the directional recycling withof discarded items jointly with the Hubei Provincial People's government, the Hubei Provincial People's Government Office of poverty alleviationPoverty Alleviation and development,Development, the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Wuhan Municipal Audit Bureau and other government agencies,and with enterprises and institutions jointly to promote the recycling of waste products. 

Specific circumstancesThe specific provisions are as follows:

Popularization of Internet of things terminalpublic institutions and installation of network structures terminals

Under the guidance of the Provincial Government Offices AdministrationAdministrative Bureau and the Department of commerceto promote Hubei provinceCommerce, GEM has been implicated in the promotion of public institutions networking terminal installation work,  GEM has been in the provincial office, the national developmentrevolving around the installation of network structure terminals in the Hubei province at several different levels, including: the Provincial Bureau, the National Development and Reform Commission, Department of Commerce, Department of civil affairs, water conservancy department, Department; the Departments of justice, Commerce, Civil Affairs, Water Conservancy and Justice; the Planning Commission, Dongfeng Motor, EPSON, and the Wuhan Municipal Commission by letter and other units installed the terminalamong others; for a total of more than 100 terminal units.

According toIn accordance with the demand of public institutions scrapped an important confidential filedemands relative to the scrapping of devices used for the storage devices, the first installation of the crusher in the Grammy confidential documents, GEM pioneered the use of a “recycling car, will drive” equipped with a mounted crusher, to support the recovery of broken promise not to divulgestorage drives for on-site direct scrapping, thus guaranteeing the safe-keeping of any official or confidential documents of old