Personalized service

One of the world's three largest iron ore giant Rio Tinto awarded GEM with the distinction of being a "qualified supplier""
The signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement with Rio TintoThe best supplier over the decade

GEM provides personalized service for technology research to customers, and develops various products of cobalt nickel powder, cobalt nickel alloy powder with different morphology and properties. GEM provide cobalt and nickel powder for famous international enterprises like Rio Tinto, Kenna, Honeywell and for more than 70% Chinese hard alloy enterprises like the Minmetals Group. GEM ultrafine cobalt powder accounts for more than 50% of the domestic market, and its ultrafine nickel powder totals more than 30% of the domestic market. GEM also provides customers with localized, professional services, establishing an inventory mechanism in Canada, the United States, South Korea and India among others. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Australian company Rio Tinto Group. Diamond ten years outstanding supplier