GEM Core Culture

PursuePursing green fashion, go to green trends, heading towards eco-civilization

  • Our Mission

    Recycling China, build the world’s most respectedrenowned environmental-friendly company

  • Our FaithCorporate Convictions

    Protecting the environment is our eternal pursuitquest

  • Our Philosophy

    Limited resources, unlimited recyclingResources, Unlimited Recycling

  • Our Vision

    ExploitExploiting Urban Mines, build thebuilding a world -advanced recycling factory

  • Core Values

    Eliminating pollution, recycling resources, benefit thebenefitting to society

  • Management philosophy

    LegitimateInstalling a legitimate business, and transparent operation, bebeing responsible for the society and to our employees and to society

  • Our Spirit

    Dedication, innovation, efficiency and responsibility

  • Our Ethics

    Love for our planet, love our and the motherland, love ourfor the company, and love our family

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