Technical advantagesassets of GEM

  The R & DResearch & Development Center of GEM is a public technology platform with certificated by a double CNAS and CMA accreditation of CNAS and CMA.. It is one of the most important public technology platforms in Shenzhen and Hubei Province. GEM has been approved to setreceived approval for setting up the National WEEE Recycling Engineering Research Center and, the National Local Joint Engineering Research Center, and establish the national circular economy research baseestablishing the National Circular Economy Research Base, which is in charge of under supervision from the Ministry of Commerce. At the same time it set up a Additionally, we have installed an engineering research center for the technology of recycling urban mine resources recycling engineering technology research center in Hubei province, a WEEE recycling an engineering research center for WEEE recycling in Guangdong Province, a and an engineering R&D center for environmental -friendly metal materials engineering technology R&D center in Shenzhen. Strong innovation and R&D capability makescapabilities assert GEM the technologyas pilot enterprise infor China's urban mine resources recycling technology and industry.

Testing conditions

  The R & &D Center of GEM haspossesses a world advanced level recycling technology laboratory: Having well-appointed furnished in top-notch detection equipment, introducing dozens of devices with internationaltechnology matching internationally advanced level. It bring instandards , such as: direct reading spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryspectrometer (ICP), scanning electron microscopymicroscopes (SEM), atomic absorption spectrometryspectroscope, laser diffraction particle size analyzer, and X-RAY diffractometer and other dozens of domestic or international advanced equipment.among others. Not only can GEM uses the internationaluse advanced technology and equipment to conduct a comprehensive analysis and testtesting of the material composition, size, and structure andamong other features, but we can also canquickly and accurately and rapidly test various kinds of waste materialmaterials, to guide the procurement of materials, the associated research and production. The laboratory has established close cooperative relations with the Central South University (China) and the University of Sheffield (UK), and formed an open R&D technology research and development system.


Infrastructure and equipment

  The R & &D center of GEM is based onlocated in the urban mine resources recycling engineering technology research center in for the recycling of urban mines resources of Hubei Province. It has the is composed by six major experimental centersectors including electronic waste recycling laboratory, waste plastic recycling laboratory, rare, enpensive, scattered and special metals (including rare earth metalelements) recycling center, cobalt /nickel /tungsten resources recycling and testing center, re- preparation of centers, and an analysis and research center for refabricated materials research and analysis center. Meanwhile, it has. It also deploys a total of six pilot test linetesting lines including rare earth materials refining and rare earth materials recycling, cobalt and nickel materials recycling, PCB “green” processing, waste energy- saving lamps waste recycling, precious metals extraction and plastic purification and recycling .

  • Material re-preparation research center for Refabricated Materials
  • Analysis and Testing Center
  • 电子废弃物循环利用试验中心
  • 废塑料循环利用试验中心
  • 稀土稀散循环利用试验中心
  • 贵金属提取循环利用试验中心
Six pilot test linetesting lines
  • Rare earth materialmaterials purification and recycling test line
  • Rare earth materialmaterials purification and recycling test line
  • Recycling test line of Cobaltfor cobalt-nickel materials
  • Recycling test line of Cobaltfor cobalt-nickel materials
  • PCB green processing test line
  • Waste energyEnergy-saving lamps waste recycling test line
  • Waste energyEnergy-saving lamps waste recycling test line
  • Precious metal extraction test line
  • Recycling test line offor Plastic purification
  • Recycling test line offor Plastic purification
Powerful R&D strength

  In March 2011, GEM took the lead in establishing a strategic alliance on theconcerning technological innovation of electronic the e-waste industry in Hubei Province, to jointlybolster the research and promote the green disassemblypromotion of electronicsustainable e- waste dismantling and associated resource issues , with the jointproblematics, joining efforts ofwith the United Peking University, Central South University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, City University of Hong Kong, and China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute.


On the afternoon of May 12, 2012, the Companycompany signed a cooperative agreement with Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University to jointly establish the "Research Center of Engineering Technology for Urban Resources Recycling Engineering Technology".


On August 26, 2013, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee both approved the implementation of a post- doctoral research center by Shenzhen GEM High-tech Co., Ltd and Jingmen GEM New Materials Co., Ltd to establish post-doctoral research center.


In January 2014, Chen Yong, academician offrom the Chinese Academy of Engineering, establishedfounded the "Resourcing of WEEE" academician workstation inwithin the GEM company.


Technology development model

  Since 2004, GEM has cooperated with several universities and, colleges and research institutions such as the Tokyo University, Sheffield University, Tsinghua University, Central South University, Beijing University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Institute of Energy Conversion (CAS) and other domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, toamong others, to jointly conduct technical development, engineering design, marketing, etc, which is. The industry-university-institute research cooperation mode has successfully launched the whole process of development of the industrialization ofprocess for industrial scientific and technological achievements, successfully created the company establishing GEM’s sustainable “green features” characteristics in the field of circular economy, own industry-university-institute cooperation mode.. When carrying out manufacture-learning-researchsuch cooperation activities, GEM is actively promoting the construction of the international a global and open research platform, successfully creating thedeveloping a three-step technical international innovation system (production-teaching-research combination three step technical innovation system.).

The condition of researchResearch and developmentDevelopment team status

  Our R & D Center of GEM has established thecomposed a university-based professor group, the industrial an industry-based engineer group and a market development staff group, market groups of developers to solve the for dealing with engineering and marketmarketing issues in the process of technology and industrialization.

ProfessorFaculty-based Professorial Group

  Distributed in the university laboratory, according to the needs, to form a The strategic cooperative relations in specific time zonepartnership with professor . The mission of the enterprise is to select a good topic, establishforms a specific time area which entails them to be distributed among university laboratories depending on needs. Our task revolves around the selection of relevant topics and the establishment of a strategic cooperation relationship between the professors and university laboratory and professor, laboratories, which as a counterpart authorized professor and commission professors to complete the laboratory-related and technology research.

Engineer Group

  Divided intoDividing the staff between technical development engineers and market development engineers, enterprises focusthe company focuses on the establishmentforming of a high level of engineersengineering and market development team,teams with the completion of engineering design and the ability of to complete engineering designs and intermediate tests, with marketand a strong development capacity of new market products, and economic analysis capacity. The taskresponsibilities of the engineer group is to be responsibleinclude cooperating with the professorial group for pilot the acquisition of experimental technology from the laboratories and consequently successively piloting market transformation and market convergence work, when laboratory technology is obtained by universities cooperation. To build the , building pilot production linelines, completing the pilot testtests and formforming a full set of industrializationoperational industrial technology of great economic value. Conducting SmallThey also conduct small batch production and market testmarketing tests to complete the market integration, the results of identification and evaluation, thenand from there to obtain the relevant technical level of certificate.

  GEM has beenalready established by the chemicalprofessional and technical teams of engineers for chemicals, materials, machinery, automation, marketing and quality management and other professional team of engineersamong others, covering technology, tooling, marketing and quality of all professional, which has formed qualities, totaling to form a strong industrial design and market-oriented industrial technology development team.