GEM Management culture

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Looking up at Respecting the green avenue,path and looking for the true meaning of the circular system, this is the jointly owned character that GEM employees work to embrace together, as is the acceptance of GEM’s employee, and is also the their everlasting responsibility of GEM’s employee forever.

(1) Societal conduct: Behave yourself first before you act and take on important tasks.

(2) System of values: Work to develop the company with the same diligence as your own achievements.

(3) View of team: WorkTeamwork: Through unity and cooperation, work together, go to towards the same directiongoal.

(4) Working spirit: Act swiftly, move forward fearlessly, and constantly strive for perfection.

(5) Bold responsibility: Dare to undertake and shoulder challenging tasks.

(6) View of performancePerformance: Results speak for themselves.

(7) ViewVirtue of talent: Select talents with morality, employ talents following no set form.based on virtue; do not always stick to conventional standards.

(8) Philosophy of service : Be of valuable assistance to customers when in times of trouble and display the worth of your service

(9) Cost view: Reduceperspective: Challenge your capability and limits of reducing consumption, push the limit.

(10) Security conceptprinciples: Life is above all, No action withouteverything, work must be guaranteed by safety.

(11) Environmental viewpointprotection: No operation is against Environmental Protectionundertaken that shall present greater arm to the Environment.