GEM Identification

GEM-- Let us compose the green dream together.

Harmony between the heavenmankind and humannature

GEM, Let us compose the green dream together.

Ge: Initiator was (Chinese character transposed as “G”): represents the initiator that is clever at carefully investigating of things, to exploreand exploring the way ofto reach harmony between the heaven and human,mankind and nature, and the potential derived character and valuevalues.

Lin: Two-wood forest, is (for “E”): the harmonious character represents twin trees, the harmony and cohabitation place of greenwith nature andin life, inwhich can be attained through the mission of our environmental protection industry to defend the mission of green, let: defending nature and letting it lush together with society as both follow the flow luxuriantly green and continue live and prosperof prosperity.

Mei: With scientific innovation to  (for “M”): is the character for “beauty”; In the pursuit of truth, through scientific innovations, and with the sustainable green spirit to practice charity, it lies not in that truth is truth and goodness is goodness, but rather in the harmony of truth and goodness,will to realizedo good, achieving the “green” beauty of an harmonious coexistence of humanbetween mankind and the nature doesn’t rely on the truth or goodness alone, but rather in the harmony and unity of truth and goodness. 

Green Eco Manufacture
English full name: Green Eco Manufacture

G isstands for Green, E is Eco, M is Manufacture (this is basically a repetition of what is above. I believe it’s unnecessary.)

ParaphraseParaphrasing: We can develop the environmental conservationprotection industry, save the limited resources, and improve the human life quality of human living space by standards through our sustainable “green” manufacture.