Cobalt, Nickel, Tungsten Resources Recycling and Hard Alloy Industrial Chain

——we make the best products from wastes to sell to the world’s best companies
  • GEM invested 1.5 billion RMB to establish a complete industrial chain for cobalt, nickel, tungsten resources recycling and hard alloy remanufacturing;
  • Ultrafine Cobalt and Nickel Powder—replace ore minerals, break the monopoly and become the world high quality brand!
  • Annually recycles ultrafine cobalt and nickel powder over 3,000 tons, which is the world’s third largest, China’s largest ultrafine cobalt and nickel powder production facility;
  • The sales of our ultrafine cobalt and nickel powder have been the first in industry for four consecutive years, the cobalt powder sales accounts for 60% of Chinese market.
  • GEM’s ultrafine nickel powder has been exported to Australia Rio Tinto, broken the long-term monopoly of foreign companies in nickel carbonyl powder market, which was awarded the “safe supply mode of circular economy”.
  • Recycling tungsten carbide and APT product over 3,000 tons from waste tungsten, become China's leading tungsten resources recycling company.
  • The electric hammer drill, which produced by regenerated tungsten carbide has been certified by PGM Masonry Drill Bit Certification Board in Germany. GEM is the China’s first company that obtain a certification through the independent application.


GEM was awarded the “Qualified Supplier” by Rio Tinto Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Australia Rio Tinto


Hard alloy production workshop

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High quality hard alloy products

GEM’s recycling technology of waste nickel, cobalt and tungsten resources is in the world leading level

The technology has been listed in the “863” National Projects. GEM has applied more than 180 patents and drafted more than 60 national and industrial standards in this field.


Scrap Cobalt, Nickel, Tungsten and Other Rare Metals Processing Flow Chart



Waste Cobalt, Nickel and Tungsten Recycling Workshop