Cyclic Utilization and Environmental Governance Industrial Chain of Waste Residue, Sludge and Water

Recycling industrial chain of waste residue and waste sludge include Yangzhou Jiejia Solid Waste treatment center,Hubei Jingmen Lvyuan waste residue and sludge treatment center and Chenzhou solid waste treatment center. The annual processing amount of various hazardous wastes, waste residue and sludge is over 1 million tons, forming a complete processing chain of comprehensive utilization, waste minimization and safety disposal.

With the comprehensive utilization of inorganic industry residue and hazardous waste, GEM can not only save resources, but also improve the environment, avoiding secondary pollution and bringing huge economic benefits.

The total amount of hazardous solid waste landfill reaches 4 million cubic meters, which could comprehensively dispose various hazardous and toxic solid waste.

说明: 1、环保砖

GEM’s environmental protection bricks made with waste residue and sludge

说明: 2、机器人码坯机

Automatic setting machine for environmental protection bricks 

Recycling process of waste residue and sludge in GEM:Firstly, recycle the waste residue and sludge in the production process, and extract the coarse valuable metals with recovery value such as Cu, Ni, Co, Au, Ag. Then send these metals into different recycling systems. Finally, mix the residue with coal gangue and shale, roast and compress the mixture into bricks. GEM does its utmost to maximize the utilization of waste resources.

说明: 3、荆门绿源废渣废泥环保处置有限公司

Jingmen Lvyuan Waste Residue and Waste Mud Environment Protection Treatment Co., Ltd.

说明: 4、扬州杰嘉工业固废处置有限公司

Solid waste treatment workshop

图5 荆门固废填埋场废水处理设施

Waste water disposal equipment

说明: 6、废水处置车间

Waste water treatment workshop 

Hazardous wastes have to be collected with special containers and transported by professional staff with special vehicles in strict accordance with relevant national regulations. After entering our factory, component testing and environmental monitoring will be carried out on the wastes to determine the nature of them and complete the disposal process parameters researches. The wastes which meet the standards of landfill will be landfilled directly. Otherwise, it will be further processed in order to meet the standards and then gets landfilled.

Ecological Restoration and Management of Rivers

GEM enters the field of ecological restoration and management of environmental protection, adopts technologies for ecological restoration of water resources and sludge treatment, promotes demonstration models and profit models for ecological restoration and treatment business, expands new models of “waste recycling + environmental protection services,” and enhances the core competitiveness and profitability of the waste recycling industry to make positive contributions to the construction of China’s ecological civilization.

In recent years, more than 50 water environment restoration projects have been completed, which are in South China, Central China, East China and Northwest China.

Environment Ecological Restoration Concept: respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature