Industrial advantages
  • The  Largest Recycling Centre for Waste Batteries in China
  • The annual recycling and disposing of waste batteries accounts for more than 10% of  its total quantities in China.
  • The largest producer of cobalt oxide for batteries in China.
  • The quantity of raw material for lithium-ion batteries accounts for more than 20% of the Chinese market.
  • World’s production centre of cobalt and nickel materials used for lithium-ion batteries.
  • Waste Battery and Power Battery Material Recycling Industrial Chain

GEM has invested three billion RMB to construct a large-scale waste battery and power battery material recycling industrial facility, including GEM (Jingmen) Urban Mining Resource Recycling Industrial Park, GEM (Taixing) Battery Materials Industrial Park, GEM(Wuxi)Energy Materials Industrial Park, GEM (Zhejiang Ningbo) Recycling Industrial Park. It covers an area of more than 2000 acres, whose annual processing amount of waste batteries and waste cobalt nickel materials is more than 300,000 tons.

The annual production capacity of cobalt, nickel materials of lithium ion batteries and cathode material is more than 50,000 tons, and formed a full series and multispecies lithium ion battery raw materials and materials manufacturing system, including high-purity nickel sulfate, cobalt chloride, cobalt oxide, coarse spherical cobalt oxide, NCM precursor, NCA precursor, NCM ternary material, NCA ternary material etc., which accounts for 20% of the Chinese market and is one of the world’s core manufacturing bases of cobalt and nickel raw material of lithium-ion batteries.

GEM Undertakes “Magical” Manufacturing by Transforming Used Batteries into Power Battery Material

From the waste battery to the power battery regeneration legend——How to achieve the legend?



NCM ternary material precursor production line


ternary power battery cathode material production line, used by car


The automatic control system of GEM power battery precursor material production line


Coarse spherical cobalt oxide NCM ternary power battery materia land NCA ternary power battery material.

Recycling Power Battery Materials, Entering into the International Supply Chain

GEM NCM & NCA ternary power battery materials ——realize industrial recycling from waste batteries to remanufactured battery materials

GEM takes advanced recycling technology to recycle and reuse valuable metals, such as nickel, cobalt, manganese, copper, aluminum, iron and lithium from waste batteries. GEM has built the world core manufacturing facility of lithium-ion batteries cathode material and raw material. The determined annual production capacity of NCM and NCA ternary precursor material is 20,000 tons,the battery level spherical cobalt oxide 10000 tons,Nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium ternary power materials 15000 tons. GEM is the strategic supplier for global well-known battery material enterprises, such as Samsung SDI, ECOPRO, etc. GEM has realized the industrial recycling of using waste batteries to remanufacture battery materials.


ECOPRO and GEM signed agreement

Cooperate with Global Giants, to Establish the Whole Life-Cycle Value Chain of New Energy

--Cooperate with BYD, Samsung, to establish the big circular system of power battery




In 2015, GEM cooperated with BYD to invest Energy Storage Station (Hubei) Co., Ltd, aiming to construct a power battery degradation utilization, photovoltaic energy storage and energy storage station.




Green Environmental Protection, Building Eco-City

The energies, such as power grid, wind power, photovoltaic (solar), stored and released as energy storage station center, supply for community, enterprises, construction site, etc. It could realize industry energy-saving and efficient using of wind power, solar power, reduce the use ratio of fossil energy, and improve using efficiency of power grid, to form intelligent power supply system of eco-city.

Expand Service Scope in a Scientific and Safe Way

Energy storage technology can provide diversified power supply power (from KW to GW) and power supply duration (from seconds to hours), and can be applied in UPS system (Uninterrupted Power System), peak load shifting power distribution system, and wind power and solar energy storage and release.

Realize “win-win” of power grid, enterprise and the city to improve profits

“Peak load shifting”, using price difference between electricity peak and valley helps enterprise to create power benefit, to solve the power grid running balance, to improve power quality, and ensure energy supply.

——Cooperate with Dongfeng, Samsung, to Build New Energy Vehicle Green Supply Chain

To realize alliance between giants on technology, market and capital, co-build alliance of new energy vehicle supply value chain; to establish the whole industrial chain closed recycling system of “material, battery, new energy vehicle manufacture, supply chain finance and power battery recycling”.


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Dongfeng Xiang brigade, Samsung SDI and GEM signed strategic cooperation agreement of new energy vehicle green supply chain