The Future of GEM


From 2016 to 2020, in the face of historical opportunities, GEM will achieve more than 30 billion yuan in sales in 5 years,to become the largest,recycling industrial group in China which can also exert a profound impact on the world.


Holding the strategic development mind of " Urban Mining+New Energy Materials", GEM has strengthened its core business of cobalt - nickel - tungsten, promoting fast development in ternary precursor and ternary materials and forming the industrial chain with global competitive ability.

Having Established the spirits of "Three Minds”. GEM is committed to "Embracing Industry, Attracting Talents and Introducing Investments".

Promoting more investment, large-scale production and wide cycling, GEM is devoted to building a whole life-cycle green value chain of new energy, share its core competition with the world.

Through connecting with the world, GEM focuses on the construction of "Cycling Chain-Value Chain-Responsibility Chain" and establishes the value-chain model of global green development.


GEM power battery raw materials industrial park layout

Strive for sustained competitive advantage Focus on scarce resources