WEEE, Scrap Metal, Waste Plastic Recycling Industrial Chain

World-class WEEE recycling centre.
  • GEM has invested two billion RMB to build eight world-advanced WEEE processing centers which are located in Hubei Jingmen, Hubei Wuhan, Jiangxi Fengcheng, Henan Lankao, Jiangsu Yangzhou, Shanxi Changzhi, Inner Mongolia Ordos and Guizhou Guiyang.
  • Annual processing capacity of WEEE is 1.2 million tons (15 million sets), accounts for over 15% of the total in China
  • Annual processing capacity of waste PCB is above 30,000 tons, accounts for over 20% of the total in China.
  • Annual processing capacity of scrap metal is over 100,000 tons.
  • Annual waste plastics recycling amount is over 100,000 tons, regenerating above 100,000 tons of modified plastics, WPC and plastic products

TV and Computer Coarse Dismantling Line
LCD Dismantling Line

Computer Host Dismantling Line
Household Appliances Dismantling Lin

Sustainable PCB recycling centre.
WEEE Storage Workshop

Explain: 7、Industry 4.0Automatic and intelligent separation of LCD, and polarizing film, indium and glass recycling

Industry 4.0Automatic and intelligent separation of LCD, and polarizing film, indium and glass recycling

The World’s Leading Green Processing Technology

GEM has independently innovated the WEEE intelligent identification, high efficient separation and resource utilization technology, created a full set of automated disposal line of waste appliances dismantling, realized detailed dismantling of waste appliance, metal and nonmetal recycling rate has reached 99.0%.

GEM has innovated integrated innovation technology of waste PCB fast detinning, low temperature pyrolysis, efficient reduction purification and electrochemistry purification, realized waste PCB efficient clean treatment, the copper recycling rate has reached 98.8%.

GEM has innovated clean recycling chlorine-complexing of rare metal in WEEE with cyanide-free technology, invented efficient enrichment and superfine silver powder preparation technology, the rare metal recycling rate has reached 99%.

GEM has invented new low carbon remanufacturing technology of using non-metallic materials in WEEE to directly produce WPC, realized low carbon recycling utilization of non-metallic materials.



Waste PCB Recycling Products

Explain: 8、Gold Explain: 9、Electrolytic Copper Explain: 10、电解铜

Silver Electrolytic Copper )

Waste Plastics Recycling Industry

GEM has established the WPC and plastic injection production center in Wuhan, the annual production amount of WPC is over 50,000 tons and annual production capacity of plastics injection molding production is over 100,000 tons. After the modification of plastic particles, the durable, cold resistant, heat resistant properties of plastic products have been dramatically improved. More than 70% of our WPC products are exported to Europe and widely used in garden landscaping and municipal construction. Now GEM has become one of the largest WPC export bases in China.

Explain: 11、WPC Production WorkshopExplain: Injection Molding Workshop

Plastic Tray/ Plastic Garbage Bin Injection Molding Workshop

Explain: 12、WPCExplain: 13、Plastic Tray/ Plastic Garbage Bin

WPC Plastic Tray/ Plastic Garbage Bin

Dismantlement and Utilization of Waste Hardware

GEM has constructed the dismantlement line which can dismantle more than 100 thousand hardware per year in Fengcheng, Jiang Xi province.It can classify and dispose a variety of copper products like electric wires,electric machines,compressors and copper-aluminum water tanks etc.