Industry introduction

Cobalt and nickel products Industry introduction Largest manufacturer of ultrafine cobalt and nickel powder in China First market-listed company of cobalt metal industry in China First market-listed company of Chinese cobalt nickel powder manufacturing industry Cobalt and nickel meticulous chemical engineering, copper, tungsten, gold, silver, palladium, rhodium and other rare metals Scarce resources

GEM has been committed to the research and manufacture of ultrafine cobalt powder, nickel cobalt and nickel fine chemical products, and strives to build a highly technological and globalized recycling economy supply model for cobalt, nickel, copper, tungsten and other scarce resources. The company specializes in the production of ultrafine cobalt powder; nickel, copper, cobalt and nickel fine chemicals; tungsten, gold and silver, palladium, rhodium, etc. among other rare metal products. GEM's current annual production capacity has reached 50 000 tons, of which ultrafine cobalt and nickel powder represent more than 3000 tons, making it the largest manufacturing enterprise of the Chinese ultrafine cobalt/nickel powder industry.

GEM built two waste battery and nickel-cobalt waste recycling and ultrafine cobalt nickel powder manufacturing bases in Hubei and Jiangsu, covering an area of more than 1000 acres, and forming the industrial development system for the manufacture and research associated with cobalt and nickel powder, and fine cobalt and nickel chemical products.

The share of GEM products on the national market represents more than 50% for ultrafine cobalt powder and more than 30% for ultrafine nickel powder, thus paramount to meet the needs of a wide range of domestic and foreign customers. Independent Research and Development of the chemical reduction of nickel powder broke the long-term monopoly of carbonyl nickel powder and turned GEM into the core suppliers of Chinese spherical ultrafine cobalt nickel powder, and one of the most important exporters with clients among the world's top 500 enterprises, including famous corporations such as Rio Tinto. This system is known as the "security supply model of circular economy". Concurrently, it also made the level of Chinese cobalt powder manufacturing reach the top international ranks. GEM has led the development of Chinese "chemical reduction of cobalt powder" industry standards, and established its leading position in the Chinese manufacturing industry of cobalt powder.

GEM’s R&D center passed the double certification of the National Laboratory Accreditation and National Metrology Inspection. To be recognized as a public test center of international importance, GEM has undertaken the national "863" plan, the National Innovation Fund program and more than 20 other national scientific and technology projects, obtaining more than 50 Chinese and international patents. The company has also spearheaded the development of more than 20 national industry standards for nickel recycling, cobalt and nickel products and waste cobalt utilization etc. and become one of the leading companies in the development of technical standards for manufacturing technology enterprises.

Products professionally manufactured by GEM: ultrafine cobalt nickel powder, tungsten carbide powder, APT, electrodeposited copper and cobalt, gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate, cobalt carbonate, nickel carbonate, cobalt oxalate, cobalt chloride, cobalt oxide, Co3O4, spherical cobalt hydroxide and more than additional 10 kinds of products.