ELV Comprehensive Recycling Industrial Chain

GEM has invested 1.5 billion RMB to build five world first class and national leading ELV recycling facilities in Jiangxi Fengcheng, Hubei Wuhan, Tianjin, Hubei Jingmen, Hubei Xiantao. The total designed annual processing capacity is 300,000 vehicles.

GEM initiated the “Streamlined, Mechanization, Harmless, Resourcezation, Informational and Educational” Chinese ELV processing mode.

GEM introduces whole industrial chain processing with dismantling, crushing, separating and auto parts remanufacturing on ELV. Those facilities have become the world leading ELV comprehensive utilization processing facilities.


说明: 1、GEM ELV Recycling Industrial Park

The Streamlined and Mechanization ELV Dismantling Line


GEM’s “systematic, mechanical, harmless, resource & information-based, and educational” ELV dismantling line.


The World-Advanced ELV Crushing System(form TSC and LINDMAN)

The World-Leading Intelligent Sorting System for Non-ferrous Metals

Five intelligent sorting techniques: gravity separation, magnetic separation, vortex separation, X-ray identification, optical recognition to classify various types of metal.

说明: 4、GEM’s ELV separation system for non-ferrous metals

GEM’s ELV separation system for non-ferrous metals

Auto Parts Remanufacturing

GEM, Mitsui and HONEST has jointed venture to establish Wuhan GHM Auto Parts Remanufacturing Co., Ltd, promote GEM’s ELV recycling to develop in depth, laid GEM’s core competitiveness in the ELV comprehensive utilization industrial.

说明: 5、The Flow Chart of Auto Parts Remanufacturing

Automotive components remanufactured by GHM

说明: 6、格林美再制造起动机

Automotive components remanufactured by GHM

说明: GEM’s automotive components remanufacturing process flow chart


GEM’s automotive components remanufacturing process flow chart

World-Advanced Waste Catalyst Recycling System

GEM has introduced the technology of REMONDIS, which is the giant of waste treatment and recycling in Europe, and independently innovated technology to treat automobile exhaust catalysts with environmental protection, completely extracted platinum palladium and rhodium and other precious metals.

说明: 雷曼迪斯签约

On November 2nd, 2015, GEM and REMONDIS signed the intention strategic cooperation agreement of water resources management and renewable resources recycling.