Warm congratulations on the signing ceremony of Jingmen Medley high-performance tungsten carbide CNC material project A complete success
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On the morning of May 16th, 2020, the signing ceremony of Jingmen Medley high-performance tungsten carbide CNC material project was held in the International Conference Hall of GEM Jingmen Industrial Park. Ding Dai, Vice Mayor of Jingmen City Government, Wu Yingbiao, Secretary of Jingmen High-tech Zone • Duodao District Committee, Wang Luan, Deputy Secretary-General of Jingmen City Government, relevant department leads of Jingmen City and High-tech Zone • Duodao District, bank representatives and about 40 people attended the signing ceremony. Professor Xu Kaihua, chairman of GEM, Chen Xingti, Board director of GEM, Zhao Lifu, general manager of Jingmen Medley CNC Material Co., Ltd. Zhou Bo, chairman of GEM supervisory board, and Tang Dan, group supervisor also attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided by Zou Runian, deputy head of the Daodao District of Jingmen City.

Tungsten, one of strategic resources that can make China outstanding in the world. As a world leading enterprise in waste recycling, GEM has formed a core industry chain for the full life-cycle recycling of tungsten resources. In order to achieve the transformation and upgrading of tungsten resource recovery to advanced tungsten carbide numerical control materials, GEM and tungsten resource expert Professor Zhao Lifu initiated the establishment of Jingmen Medley CNC Materials Co., Ltd.

Professor Zhao Lifu said that high-performance tungsten carbide CNC materials are typical high-tech products in the field of tungsten resources and they are the key materials for the manufacture of industrial 4.0 CNC tools in the future and have broad market prospects. The entrepreneurship of Chairman Xu Kaihua and the good investment environment of Jingmen City attracted him. Construction of a high-performance tungsten carbide powder project of 10,000 tons of CNC tool core materials in Jingmen, committed to creating the world's leading manufacturing base for high-performance tungsten carbide powder materials for CNC tools.

Rejuvenate the business and set multi targets at once. Chairman Xu Kaihua delivered a speech. In the face of the global epidemic challenge, GEM received strong support from the government, related departments and banks at all levels to comprehensively win the epidemic prevention and control battle and the global market defense war, and accelerate the realization of resumption of work and production. Strengthen the world-class "friend circle" and consolidate the status of the industrial chain. GEM launched the Medley tungsten resource project, which was the first "target" issued by the revitalization of operations and reconstruction after the epidemic. With the joint efforts of GEM and Professor Zhao Lifu, and the strong support from all levels of government departments and all sectors of society in Jingmen City, GEM's recycling industry and Medley projects will be prosperous and glorious.

At the signing ceremony, Secretary Wu Yingbiao delivered a speech. He said that the signing of the Medley project is not only a major achievement of all member attract investment of Jingmen High-tech Zone and Dadao District, but also an important sign of the revival after the epidemic and the resumption of production. The district committee, district government and district departments will make every effort to promote the project to start as soon as possible, complete as soon as possible, and put into operation as soon as possible.

Vice Mayor Ding Dai, on behalf of the Jingmen Municipal Government, congratulated the successful signing of the Medley project. He believes that the project is of great significance to the economic and social development of Jingmen City. It is a successful example of Jingmen City's vigorous promotion of "use business to attract business investment”, which fully boosts the confidence of investment in Jingmen City. The implementation of the project will further promote the development of Jingmen's circular economy industry.

At the ceremony, GEM and Professor Zhao Lifu signed a joint venture agreement on Medley project. The Jingmen High-tech Zone Management Committee and Jingmen Medley CNC Material Co., Ltd. signed a project contract to jointly promote the project to land as soon as possible.

After the signing ceremony, the leaders and guests visited and on-site observed the long queue of convoys waiting to be unloaded at the electronic waste dismantling park of GEM Jingmen Industrial Park.

GEM Deputy Manager Wu Guangyuan、Wan Guobiao、GEM Chief Accountant Chen Binzhang attended signing ceremony.


Pic 1 Medley Porject signing ceremony


Pic 2 the Jingmen High-tech Zone Management Committee and Jingmen Medley CNC Material Co., Ltd. signed a project contract


Pic 3 General Manager of Medley prof. Zhao Lifu deliver a speech


Pic 4 GEM Chairman Prof. Xu Kaihua deliver a speeach


Pic 5Wu Yingbiao, Secretary of Jingmen High-tech Zone • Duodao District Committee deliver a speech


Pic 6Vice Mayor Ding Dai, Jingmen Municipal Government deliver a speech