China and South Korea Join Hands to Build a Green Dream Warmly welcome the delegation of Pohang City from South Korea to visit GEM
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On October 31, 2019, the autumn in Jingmen could have been cold, however, the bright blue sky was filled with sunshine, which made people feel warm and harmonious. Meanwhile, GEM welcomed their distinguished guests. At 12:00, Mr. Kang Deok Lee, Mayor of the Pohang City of South Korea, led a delegation which consist of Jae Won Seo, Council President of Pohang City, Dong Che Lee, President of ECOPRO South Korea, Jae Dong Kim, President of Pohang City Chamber of Commerce, and other delegates from Pohang City visited the GEM (Jingmen) Circular Economy Industrial Park. Li Tao, Deputy Secretary of Jingmen Municipal Committee, Wu Yingbiao, Secretary of Jingmen High-Tech Zone·Duodao District Committee, Yang Xilin, Deputy Secretary-General of Jingmen Municipal Committee, Wang Bingjie, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jingmen Municipal Government, Zhou Junjie, Mayor of Jingmen High-Tech Zone·Duodao District, and others officers from Jingmen Municipal accompanied the investigation. Prof. Xu Kaihua, Chairman of GEM, Chen Xingti, Director of GEM Board, Wang Min, Director of GEM Board, Zhou Bo, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of GEM, Jiang Zhenkang, General Manager of GEM and other important management personnel of GEM warmly welcomed the Mayor Kang Deok Lee, along with his delegation.

When Mayor Kang Deok Lee, along with his delegation arrived in GEM, a total of about 100 people from the GEM employees, GEM Korean employees and the GEM&ECOPRO joint venture employees lined the park to welcome. The friendly and warm atmosphere of the park made the delegation feel the enthusiasm of GEM.

In order to welcome the delegation from the Pohang City South Korea, GEM held a great welcome ceremony for these honourable guests at the Jingmen Park Activity Center. The general manager of the GEM Group, Jiang Zhenkang, invited the visitors to watch the VCR, "China and South Korea Join Hands to Build a Green Dream" together, and reviewed those exciting moments which captured during friendly and cooperative events between GEM, the Pohang City Government and ECOPRO in recent years.

On the reception ceremony, Chairman Xu Kaihua expressed again his sincere welcome to Mayor Kang Deok Lee, and the delegation. Chairman Xu summarized the reasons for GEM's brilliant achievements in the last four years. Firstly, it was due to excellent investment environment created and great service offered by the Pohang government.Secondly, good partners such as ECOPRO promoted the cooperation between the parties. Third, the Jingmen Municipal Government actively supported GEM to develop the green industries in participating the "Belt and Road" initiatives, with the concept of "friendship, openness and green". In the future, GEM will firmly cooperate with ECOPRO and firmly invest in Pohang to build a green and beautiful world together!

Mayor Kang Deok Lee expressed gratitude to GEM and Chairman Xu Kaihua for their hospitality and expressed their willingness to carry out more and deeper communication and cooperation between the Pohang city , GEM and ECOPRO. He is willing to create favorable conditions for the mutual development of both GEM and ECOPRO.

After the ceremony, Chairman Xu Kaihua brought Mayor Kang Deok Lee to the GEM Urban Mine Museum, the National Engineering Research Center of Waste Electrical and Electronic EquipmentWEEE Recycling, the Electronic Waste Green Treatment Workshop, the Waste Power Battery Resource Utilization Engineering Experiment Center, and the Ternary power battery raw material supply system, Environmental information control center, etc.. From the waste end to the manufacturing end of the recycling industry full-process production line, and investigated GEM and ECOPRO joint venture plant GEC (Jingmen) New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.

During this visit, mayor Kang Deok Lee praised the huge scale of GEM's recycling factory, the disposal capacity in the field of waste, advanced management and intelligent equipment. And he believes that in the future, we can promote the green development of new energy industry together in the world through the cooperation between GEMPohang city and ECOPRO.

"Wish GEM and ECOPRO hand in hand to the world", mayor Kang Deok Lee wrote down on the guest book after the visit. And the chairman of ECOPRO, Dong Che Lee also wrote blessing words,"Hope to have a unlimited development".

At the moment of parting, mayor Kang Deok Lee and his delegation took a group photo with GEM's staff.

The deputy general manager of GEM group, Pan Hua, Wan Guobiao and Zhang Kun, the chief engineer of group, Zhang Yunhe also took part in this reception.



Pic.1  GEM staff, GEM Korean staff, and staff of GEM-ECOPRO joint venture factory line up to welcome the delegation of Pohang City, South Korea


Pic.2  All guests watch the "China and South Korea join hands to build a green dream" VCR


Pic.3   Chairman Xu Kaihua addresses at the welcome meeting


Pic.4   Mayor Kang Deok Lee addresses at the welcome meeting



Pic.5  The two sides exchange souvenirs


Pic.6   South Korea's Pohang City delegation toast for cooperation between GEM and Pohang City


Pic.7   Mayor Kang Deok Lee and his delegation visit the GEM Urban Mine Museum


Pic.8  The Korean delegation visit the National Engineering Research Center of Waste Electrical and Electronic EquipmentWEEE Recycling


Pic.9   The Korean delegation visit the green treatment workshop of electronic waste


Pic.10   The Korean delegation visit the GEM-ECOPRO joint venture factory


Pic.11   Mayor Kang Deok Lee, Speaker Jae Won Seo, President Dong Che Lee and President Jae Dong Kim write inscriptions for GEM

12.1 12.2


Pic12. GEM staff send off Mayor Kang Deok Lee and his delegation cordially, and take a group photo