Congratulations to GEM on the 2019 China Manufacturing Enterprises Top 500
Published Date丨 2019-09-05 Browse times丨 365

On Sept 1, the “2019 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum” jointly organized by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneur Association was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. The list of “China Manufacturing Enterprises Top 500” was released at the meeting. GEM once again ranked 414th with an operating income of 13.878 billion yuan, an improvement of 42 from last year.

As a leader in the green recycling industry, GEM has deepened the dual-track drive strategy of “Urban Mines + New Energy Materials” and fully implemented three strategies of stabilization, technological innovation and refined management. Guided by innovation drive and high quality development, GEM continues to promote reform and innovation in industrial structure, green development, and technological breakthroughs, and achieves development rapidly and steadily.

GEM has completed the recycling industry layout of core cities across the country, and built 16 recycling and material remanufacturing parks in 11 provinces, South Korea and South Africa. The recycling industry spans 3,000 kilometers nationwide, and has successfully deployed the “One Belt and Road”, laying the groundwork for making a large-scale global recycling enterprise.

GEM has completed the construction of five core industrial chains and three major cooperative chain layouts, and has become the world's complete and most competitive enterprise in the waste recycling and new energy materials industry. Looking forward to the layout of the core business of new energy materials, GEM has implemented a quality priority strategy, and its main products have become high-quality brands in the industry. GEM has a group of mainstream customers of TOP5, and has opened a trillion-dollar market channel from waste recycling to new energy materials remanufacturing, and controls the mainstream industry - mainstream Products - mainstream customers in the next 20 years. GEM sells more than 70% top 5 customers in China and all around the world, and exports account for more than 40% of total sales. The mainstream products are in short supply. In the future, GEM will actively promote the “Belt and Road” Indonesian nickel resource battery raw material production industrial park, and build a competitive nickel resource new energy material industry chain worldwide.

GEM has always been firmly committed to the innovation-driven development strategy. By promoting innovation culture, increasing R&D investment, rewarding innovative talents, and inspiring innovation and vitality, GEM has created a strong atmosphere for innovation in the group, and emerged a number of major innovations. Up to now, GEM has applied for more than 1,770 patents, participated in the revision of more than 170 national and industry standards. The “Key Technology and Industrialization of Electronic Waste Green recycling” project won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018, and won the Davos Forum Global Circular Economy Multinational Company Award in the same year, marking GEM's ability of science and technology innovation to enter a new level.

In 2018, GEM’s operating income maintained a high level of growth, showing a steady and good quality development trend. In the future, GEM will actively seize the opportunity of the development of new energy vehicles, introduce and cultivate high-end talents, accelerate the construction of the world's highest level of scientific and technological innovation system and quality control system, and create a benchmark for the high quality development of China's manufacturing industry.