Congratulations on GEM's 2019 Semi-Annual Business Performance Analysis Meeting
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On August 22, 2019, GEM invited nearly 100 investors and a number of media to hold the 2019 semi-annual business performance analysis meeting in GEM (Jingmen). Professor Xu Kaihua(Chairman of GEM), Mrs. Wang Min(Director of GEM), Mr. Jiang Zhenkang(General Manager  of GEM) and the core management team warmly welcomed the investors.

In the morning, investors visited the National “Urban Mine” Museum, the National Electronic Waste Recycling Engineering Technology Research Center, the Electronic Waste Treatment Center, the Waste Gas/Water/Residue Control Center, and the High Nickel Precursor Manufacturing Workshop. In the afternoon, the 2019 semi-annual business performance analysis meeting was held in the International Conference Hall. At the meeting, Professor Xu gave a keynote speech entitled "Tell You A True GEM". During the speech, Professor Xu reviewed GEM's development process, summed up GEM's lofty status in waste recycling in the world, and pointed out the future direction of GEM in the next 5-10 years.


The investors visited the National “Urban Mine” Museum


Professor Xu gave the keynote speech

Mr. Jiang made a speech named " Analysis of the Semi-Annual Business Performance in 2019", summarizing the performance highlights of the GEM Group in the first half of 2019, and the growth momentum in the second half. Pan Wei and Zhang Yuping, Vice President of GEM, Zhang Yunhe, Chief Engineer of GEM, and Cai Jinjin, Quality Management Director of GEM reported on the new energy battery material market, power battery recycling competitiveness, and group technology development and quality strategy, respectively.

In the first half of 2019, GEM's operating income was 6.2 billion RMB, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 414 million RMB. New energy materials business accounted for more than 65% of revenue, and ternary precursor shipments reached 33,000 tons, an increase of 170% over the same period last year. GEM dismantled 2.5 million Electronic Waste in the first half of 2019, which increases 120% over the same period last year.

In 2019, GEM intends to develop a new energy materials business, implement a quality priority strategy, and actively expand strategic customers. The products are supplied to the international mainstream customers such as CATL, Samsung SDI and ECOPRO, as well as domestic mainstream customers such as Ronbay Technology, Zhenhua and Xiamen Tungsten. At the same time, multiple specifications of ternary precursors have been demonstrated by BYD and LGC. In response to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, GEM is constructing a nickel resource battery raw material industrial park in Indonesia, building a globally competitive nickel resource new energy material industry chain. In 2019, GEM initiated a refinancing project and proposed to issue shares to a specific target. The non-public issuance work has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which has injected strong momentum into the development of the 10 billion recycling industry.