6.5 World Environment Day: GEM Park Held Public Opening Events Environmental Protection,GEM is in Action.
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On the occasion of the 48th“6.5”World Environment Day, GEM’s three key parks held public opening events.

The public visited the park,understood the concept of GEM’s circular cultural, learned the environmental protection knowledge and cultivated environmental awareness, and worked together to build a beautiful China.

Environmental protection volunteers Visted Jingmen Park

On the afternoon of June 4th, the publicity activities of“6.5”World Environment Day led by the Jingmen Municipal Government and other relevant units held in GEM Jingmen Park.

50 primary and secondary school students, 10 community resident representatives, and environmental protection associations, media journalists and other environmental volunteers, nearly 70 people visited the "Urban Mines Museum" and Electronic Waste Treatment Workshop in GEM’s Jingmen Park.

The students listened to GEM circular culture with great interest and took a vivid environmental protection lesson in the practice.

Representatives from the Country Garden community also said that they need to re-recognize and understand GEM, and hope that GEM would bring waste battery recycling and electronic waste recycling activities into the community, Go deep into the community to promote the environmental protection concept of circular economy. They looked forward to participating in the social and business activities organized by GEM.

Pic. 1 Environmental volunteers visited the“Urban Mines Museum”in GEM Jingmen Park

On June 1 the Children's Day, nearly 100 families went to the public opening and social-enterprise friendship activities held by GEM

Pic. 2 GEM jingmen Park held the public opening and social enterprise parent-child activities

Teachers and Students Explored the GEM’s Jiangxi Park

On the“6.5”World Environment Day, 34 teachers and students from Fengcheng Xincheng Primary School visited the GEM's Jiangxi Park organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Fengcheng City . They voluntarily donated waste electrical appliances brought from home,and explored the art of turning electronic waste into treasure.

Pic. 3 Teachers and students from Fengcheng Xincheng Elementary School visited the GEM’s Jiangxi Park

Community Party Members had an in-depth Understanding of GEM’s Wuxi Park

On June 5, GEM’s Wuxi Park launched a public opening day. More than 50 community Party members visited GEM. They observed the construction of the park and industrial chain, experienced the real production and living environment, and learned the GEM’s environmental protection concepts and measures in depth.

In the environmental protection meeting, the Secretary of the community thanked GEM for the opportunity to learn and understand the concept of "urban mines". Through this study, Party members further realized the importance of environmental protection.

Pic. 4 Community Party members visited the GEM’s Wuxi Park

GEM's major parks actively responded to the call of the company to achieve production, living, and ecological integration through circular economy. Environmental protection, GEM is in action.