Warmly welcome to InspectorMr. Li Li, Department of Energy Conservation, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Chairman Jin Shubo of China Green Supply Chain Alliance to visit GEM (Wuhan) Recycling Industrial Park for research and guid
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On 23rd of May 2019,Mr. Lili, Inspector of Energy Conservation Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Jin Shubo, Director of China Green Supply Chain Alliance (a former member of the Leading Party Group of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), and Guests from the Energy Conservation Department of the Hubei Economy and Informatization Commission and the others visited the GEM (Wuhan) recycling industrial park for investigation and research. Dr. Zhang Yuping, deputy general manager of GEM Group, accompanied them to visit the Circular

Economy Museum, Intelligent Information Monitoring Platform, the Green disassembly facility of used automobiles .the plastic products recycling workshop, electronic waste green treatment workshop, power battery pack production facility, new energy laboratory and testing center, power battery pack cascade utilization and disassembly facility.

Vice General Manager, Zhang Yuping, introduced to the guests the general situation and achievements of GEM Group's green development in detail. Inspector Lili and Chairman Jin Shubo had a clear understanding of GEM's power battery recycling, scrap automobiles and electronic waste disposal, and highly praised GEM's achievements in scientific and technological innovation and green development model of resource recycling industry.

Inspector Lili(the third on the right)、Chairman Jin Shubo(the second on the right)visiting the museum of Recycling and Economy