Warmly Welcome Argonne National Laboratory and CATARC to Visit GEM (Wuhan) Urban Mine Resources Recycling Industrial Park
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On Mar. 29th, 2019, Dr Don Hillebrand, Director of Energy Systems Division of Argonne National Laboratory, Dr. Quanlu Wang, Leader of the System Assessment Team, Jeff Spangenberger, Materials Recycling Group Leader of Applied Materials Division, Peng Zhang, Director of Data Resource Center of CATARC, and Longhui Li, Director of Recycling Department visited GEM (Wuhan) Urban Mine Resources Recycling Industrial Park. Dr. Yuping Zhang, Deputy General Manager of GEM Group, warmly hosted the delegations and showed the GEM (Wuhan) “Urban Mine” Museum, Intelligent Information Monitoring Platform, Scraped Vehicle Eco-Dismantling Base, Plastic Recycling and Reproduction Workshop, WEEE Eco-Disassembling and Recycling Workshop, Power Battery Pack Production Base, Power Battery Cascade Utilization Center and Power Battery Pack Eco-Disassembling Base.

During the visit, Dr. Zhang introduced the GEM’s green development concept and process, and the layout and achievement of the recycling industry, focusing on GEM's New Energy Life Cycle Value Chain Model: Battery Recycling - Raw Materials Reproduction - Materials Reproduction - Battery Pack Reproduction - New Energy Vehicle Operation. After that, the two sides held a discussion, Dr. Don expressed that he was very shocked after visiting the GEM site and had a new understanding of the development of China's recycling industry. He also introduced the research, operation and management of the Argonne National Laboratory. The two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on the status of the power battery recycling industry chain and Cascade Utilization industry facing. Finally, Dr. Don sincerely invited GEM to visit the Argonne National Laboratory, and hoped to strengthen the communication with GEM.

Founded in 1946, Argonne National Laboratory is the first national laboratory established by the US government. Dr. Don’s visit was the first overseas study after the announcement of the opening of a Battery Recycling Center at the Argonne National Laboratory by the US Department of Energy.

Dr. Kun Zhang, Deputy General Manager of the GEM Group, Dr.  Shiguo Xu, Dean of New Energy Materials Research Institute, and Dong Deng, Chairman Assistant, accompanied during the visit.


Pic. 1 Dr. Don Hillebrand ( Left 1 ) and his delegations visited GEM(Wuhan)Urban Mine” Museum


Pic. 2 Dr. Don Hillebrand ( Left 3 ) and his delegations visited Power Battery Cascade Utilization Center


Pic 3 Dr. Yuping Zhang held a discussion with Dr. Don Hillebrand and  his delegations


Pic 4 Dr. Yuping Zhang took a group photo with Dr. Don Hillebrand and  his delegations