Governor Yi Lianhong of People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, etc. Visited GEM Jiangxi Circulation Industrial Park for Investigation and Survey
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In the afternoon of November 7, 2018, Governor Yi Lianhong of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province visited GEM Jiangxi Circulation Industrial Park for investigation and survey, accompanied by Secretary Yan Ganhui of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wang Shuiping of Yichun, and Secretary Hu Jiangping of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Jiang Weibin of Fengcheng. Lu Xijin, Deputy General Manager of GEM and the person chiefly in charge of the Jiangxi Park, warmly received them, and accompanied them on a visit to Jiangxi GEM circular economy exhibition hall, electronic waste disassembly workshop, and waste plastic recycling workshop.

Lu Xijin gave a detailed report to Governor Yi Lianhong, etc. on GEM’s national recycling industry layout, and GEM’s efforts to continue to carry out technological innovation, and to strengthen and extend the circulation industry chain during the 8 years since its settlement in Fengcheng, Jiangxi. In particular, after studying the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important speech at the private enterprise symposium, GEM has further enhanced its confidence in developing circulation industry and investing in Jiangxi. At the circular economy exhibition hall, Lu Xijin introduced to Governor Yi Lianhong, etc. the achievements made by Jiangxi GEM in household garbage sorting in Nanchang and Yichun, and its hope for further expanding the scope of recycling, and carrying out green recycling activities in organs, institutions, colleges, and universities throughout the province. At the production workshop, Lu Xijin made a detailed introduction to Governor Yi Lianhong, etc. on GEM’s solid waste management mode, eco-friendly disassembly technique and information-based management process of electronic waste, and closed-cycle regeneration technique of plastic from waste electrical appliances, to realize complete utilization of waste resources.

During the visit, Governor Yi Lianhong spoke highly of GEM’s cyclic utilization technology. He pointed out that the green recycling work of agencies and institutions throughout the province is insufficient, and many still remain to be done; with mature electronic waste disassembly technology, advanced production line and equipment, and its resource recycling rate approaching 100%, GEM should make a difference in the green recycling of waste in Jiangxi. Governor Yi stressed that the next step of GEM should be promoting fine finishing and deep processing, further extending its waste resources deep processing industry chain, and improving added value of products, to lay a good foundation for realizing the goal of 10-billion industry. At the same time, supporting enterprises of fine finishing and deep processing should introduce into the circulation park, to grow industrial cluster.


On behalf of the group, Lu Xijin expressed that GEM Jiangxi Park will absolutely follow the Governor’s instructions to energetically develop circulation industry, and implement he spirit of General Secretary Xi’s speech at the private enterprise symposium with practical actions.


Picture 1: Governor Yi Lianhong (middle in the front row), etc. Visiting Jiangxi GEM Circular Economy Exhibition Hall


Picture 2: Governor Yi Lianhong (first from right), etc. Visiting Electronic Waste Disassembly Workshop