Entering a world-class university and feeling the top innovation culture Record the first GEM outstanding talents group oversea study tour at the Oxford university
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In order to cultivate and enhance the international vision of the company's outstanding young talents, feel the top innovation culture, and build a solid human resources foundation for the international leading enterprise, from July 27 to August 3, 2018, with the care and guidance of Professor Xu Kaihua, the party secretary and chairman of the group. The Group Training Academy organized outstanding representatives from the Three-Level Talent Program; Leading Talents, Excellent Talents Program and Model Workers, a total of 15 people went to Oxford University in the United Kingdom to carry out exchange learning activities with the theme of "going into a world-class university and feeling the top innovation culture".

On July 30th, the GEM delegation visited the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of Oxford University (the world's first chemical laboratory and the birthplace of the first lithium battery), exchanged ideas with the Royal Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Sciences, the German Academy of Sciences and the Einstein Lecture chair professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Peter P Edwards, Professor Steve Faulkner, Executive Director of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of Oxford University and Professor Xiao Tiancun. Professor Peter P Edwards welcomed the arrival of the GEM delegation and gave a detailed introduction of the historical development on both the university and the department, focusing on the latest research directions of the Chemistry Department of the Oxford University, such as hydrogen storage device for hydrogen fuel cell, CO2 capture technology and etc. Have been explained in detail and emphasized the importance of basic research.

Subsequently, the delegation visited Professor Roger Ainsworths, a double academician of the British Academy of Engineering and the Royal Academy of Sciences at St. Catherine's College. Professor Roger Ainsworths presented the autographed book to the delegation and hoped that the delegation would have a rich harvest in the days of Oxford and Zhang Xiang, deputy general manager of the GEM group thanked the Professor with Chinese tea in return.

In the afternoon, Dr. Christoph Birkl, the general manager of the Brill Power and Professor David Pyne of Imperial College, respectively exchanged the power battery cascade utilization circuit control system and the lead battery ion solution recovery process. According to reports, Brill Power's circuit control technology is based on parallel control circuits, which can extend battery life up by 60% or reduce the amount of battery used by 15%. Brill Power has a strong interest on collaboration with GEM on decommissioned power battery cascade utilization and expressed its desire to work with GEM to use its circuit control system optimize its system. Professor David Pyne's ionic solution method has a 99.7% recovery of lead, which has aroused everyone's interest. After the meeting, no one leaves and they still exchange ideas and discussions around the two experts.

On July 31st, Dr. Zhang Zhaoxi from the Oxford University showed the delegation around the Oxford University campus, explained several landmark buildings of Oxford University and visited the famous colleges of Oxford University such as the Christian Academy. Later, the delegation arrived at the Peking University HSBC Business School in Oxford, where the delegations exchanged ideas with the Dean Liu Shaojia and the former Dean of the School of Economics of Brunel University, Professor Huang Haifeng and visited the campus. Professor Liu Shaojia explained the development history of Peking University's first overseas campus to the delegations, introduced overseas strategic mergers and acquisitions, and cultivated international strategic talents. He also engaged in intense and friendly discussions on issues such as changes in the international environment and international competition.

On August 1st, the delegation came to the Patent Conversion Company of Oxford University to communicate with Deputy General Manager Dr. Jamie Ferguson, Dr. Owen Smith and Oxford Strategy Specialist Andy Gilchris. Subsequently, the delegation launched a GEM promotion conference at the conference room of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of Oxford University, and officially introduced GEM to the teachers and students of Oxford University. The students of Oxford University had a strong interest in GEM's environmental protection cause, and some students expressed their desire to visit and work for GEM.

On August 2nd, the delegation visited the Oxford University Science Park and met with Oxford Sustainable Fuels company and its equipment supplier ZEME. Professor Xiao Tiancun from Oxford Sustainable Fuels, Dr. Ben Williams, Dr. Zhang Zhaoxi and Dr. Robert Prigmore participated in the discussion. Dr. Ben Williams gave the delegation a detailed introduction to the technical and market uses of Oxford Sustainable Fuels and showed the market and prospects for waste plastic/tire cracking into fuel.

Through this Oxford University trip, everyone is grateful for the valuable learning opportunities given by GEM, seeing the innovation and thinking patterns of top universities, feeling the gap with the world's top innovation level, greatly expanding the international horizon and enhancing the motivation for work.

The successful exchange visit to Oxford University is a useful attempt by GEM to create a team of talents with international technical strategy. It is a strong support for GEM's comprehensive internationalization. GEM will continue to uphold the concept of respecting talents and cultivating talents, and boldly use talents to train talents for the country!


Picture 1: Group photo at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Oxford University


Picture 2: Communicating with the professor of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Peter P Edwards (first from right)


Picture 3: Lunch with Professors from Oxford University 's Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Imperial College


Picture 4: Exchange ideas with Professor David Pyne (third from right) of the Imperial College


Picture 5: Exchange ideas with Professor Liu Shaojia (third from left) of Peking University HSBC Business School Oxford Branch


Picture 6: The scene of the GEM promotion conference