Warmly welcome the visit of Xiwen Guo, Secretary of the Municipal Committee and mayor of Ni
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On the morning of 11thJune 2018, Xiwen Guo, Secretary of the Municipal Committee and mayor of Ningde, accompanied by Guihua Feng, who is Ningde’s Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of theNingde MunicipalPeople’s Congress, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee and Office Director, Qifa Ye, who is Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee and mayor of Fuan, and other leaders, visited GEM’s headquarters in Shenzhen. Professor Kaihua Xu, Secretary of GEM’s Party Committee and chairman of the board, warmly greeted them.

Professor Xu showed Secretary Guo and his companions GEM’s intelligent information monitoring platform, and through its real-time monitoring screens he introduced them to GEM’s industrial layout and advanced technology and equipment throughout the whole country. He also presented GEM’s power battery raw materials, materials, and gradient utilization products of end-of-service power batteries.

During the meeting, Professor Xu expressed gratitude to the care on and support for GEM from Ningde’s and Fuan’s municipal committee and government. He also showcased Secretary Guo about GEM’s origins of thought, courses of green development, achievements so far, core competitiveness, and will and blueprints to become the world’s leading company in the green industry. Professor Xu suggested that Ningde City’s green development concepts and ideas are highly consistent with GEM’s; GEM would like to contribute to the green development of Ningde.

Secretary Guo highly praised that GEM is a very competitive company with its core advanced technologies, and professor Xu is an entrepreneur with the sentiments on nation and country. GEM’s green development concepts are in deep accordance with the nation’s strategies on sustainable development. GEM’s reverse manufacturing technologies could provide reusable and recyclable ways for the industrial wastes from Ningde City’s manufacturing industries. Ningde’s geographical advantage, and its cooperative advantage from upstream and downstream industries, could offer conveniences to GEM’s development. He warmly welcomed GEM to Ningde, and sincerely hoped that GEM could become better and better.

Min Wang, the Standing Deputy General Manager of GEM; Mingzhi Ouyang, the DeputyGeneral Manager of GEM; and Xiang Zhang, attended the meeting.

Photo 1.Professor Xu introduced GEM’s industrial layout to Secretary Guo (first from left)2

Photo 2.Secretary Guo and Professor Xu were engaged in friendly discussions


Photo 3.The group photo of Secretary Guo (4thfrom right) and his companions with Professor Xu and GEM’s other managers