Warmly Welcome Zhou Xianwang, Deputy Governor of Hubei Province, to Visit GEM (Jingmen) Recycling Industrial Park
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On 8th December, 2017, Zhou Xianwang, Deputy Governor of Hubei Province, Guo Tangyin, Director of Hubei Provincial Security Supervision Bureau and Liu Jinwen, Deputy Director of Hubei Provincial Commission of Economy and Information visited GEM (Jingmen) Recycling Industrial Park, accompanied by Zhang Aiguo, Secretary of Jingmen City and Hu Xiaoguo, Deputy Governor of Jingmen City. And all of them were received by Xu Kaihua, Chairman of GEM, with great hospitality.

Mr Zhou and the group paid a visit to GEM (Jingmen) “Urban Mining”Museum, the National WEEE Recycling and Engineering Research Center, the intelligent information monitoring platform, Ternary Power Battery Material Manufacturing Center and  the under-construction area for new energy materials.

After the visit, Professor Xu introduced GEM’s environmental protection belief and development since its establishment. He also presented the great changes that GEM’s had taken place for the national policies, market quotation and developed innovative technology and emphasized series of measurements taken to ensure safe production.

Mr Zhou listened carefully to Professor Xu’s report. He spoke highly of what GEM had achieved and hoped that GEM would make further progress in following points: to be more aware of safety development and to promote safety production development to contribute to the stability and harmony of our society.


Fig. 1Zhou Xianwang, Deputy Governor of Hubei Province(first from right) visited GEM (Jingmen) “Urban Mining”Museum


Fig. 2 Mr Zhou observed the shape of power battery material through the microscope


Fig. 3 Mr Zhou (middle) visited ternary power battery material manufacturing center