New Era New Journey to Develop Circular Economy-----Warmly Congratulations on the Success of GEM’s Participation in 2017 Chinese International Circular Economy Exhibition
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20th -22nd, November, 2017, at the time of fully advocating the spirit of the 19th National Congress, the second “Chinese International Circular Economy Exhibition”, hosted by Chinese Circular Economy Association, was grandly held in Chinese National Convention Centre in Beijing. The theme of the exhibition is “ New Era New Journey to Develop Circular Economy”. As the leading enterprise in developing circular economy, GEM attended the exhibition with the theme of “ Follow Instructions and Remain Ture to Our Original Dream”.

Following the green and low-carbon recycling principle of concentration on real materials, GEM, with a profound summary of devoloping “ Urban Mining and New Energy Material”, displayed its great achievements in circular economy from five aspects: urban mining wall, lively remote monitoring, five core industrial chains, core technologies and poverty alleviation. The urban mining wall consisted of over 100 televisions, including the first generation TV of China and some 1950s’ TVs produced in over 40 cities and some in Japan and Korea, Leica cameras and early apple computers etc., which brought strong visual impact and aroused historical resonance to the audience. Echoes with the urban mining wall are the “Urban Concentrate, Urban Gold Mine” wall, 40 square meters consisting of 13 kinds of waste circuit boards, and variety kinds of hi-tech products with advanced green recycling technology.

GEM attracted lots of audience because of its determination to development green industry and unique display method. Gu Xiulian, Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, Zhao Jiarong, Honorary President of Chinese Circular Economy Association, Lu Zhicheng, President of Chinese Circular Economy Association, and Qi Jianguo, Chief Policy Expert of Chinese Circular Economy Association and Member of the National Committee on strategic emerging industries and other leaders and experts paid a visit to GEM’s booth and spoke highly of GEM’s achievements and contributions. GEM’s booth was broadcast live on Hourly Finacial News, a program of CCTV-2. Many foreigners, surprised at GEM’s waste recycling, advanced recycling technology and the full-life cycle industral chain model, expected to visit GEM’s industrial parks and hoped to cooperate in future.

During the exhibition, Zhang Yuping, Deputy General Manager of GEM group,  delivered a speech in Chinese Circular Economy Development Forum with the subject of “Exploit Urban Mines to Take the Responsibility of Green Development in China. He also addressed in the seminar of “urban mining” innovative development. Mr. Zhang, based on the experience of GEM’s development over the past decade , pointed out that, to well construct the “ Urban Mining” demonstration base, we should make effort to fulfill the following aspects: Firstly, pay much attention to safety and environmental protection, which is the precondition for stable development; Secondly, construct profound industrial chains, only by which it can bring profit to the enterprise and enhance the ability to resist risks; Thirdly, innovation is the key factor for the industry. Only by innovative and advanced technology can the enterprise be more and more powerful and achieve sustainable development.

Remain true to our original aspiration to fulfill our mission and take our responsibility. At the key time of comprehensively building a well-off society and the new era to comprehensively build a socialist modernization country, GEM, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, seizing every minute, will stick to our original green dream and persist in developing our core industry of “Urban Mining and New Energy Material” , to fulfill our mission of green development in China and create first-class recycling enterprise in the world!

“2017 Chinese International Circular Economy Exhibition”, with an area of 10,000 square meters, attracted 112 enterprises to attend, containing industrial circular economy, agricultural circular economy, resources recycling, remanufacturing, waste recycling, green design, green production, energy saving and low carbon, share economy and green consumption etc. Besides the exhibition, 13 professional forums and 11 project promotion meetings and some technical seminars were held. All of these aims to provide an international platform to promote technical exchange and display products and achievements for circular economy development.


Fig.1 Gu Xiulian, Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, visited GEM’s booth.


Fig.2 Zhang Yuping, Deputy General Manager of GEM Group, delivered a speech in the forum.


Fig.3 GEM’s booth is broadcast live on Hourly Finacial News, a program of CCTV-2


Fig.4 GEM’s urban mining wall is reported by Kwangmyong Net


Fig.5 The foreigner visits GEM’s booth


Fig. 6  The visitor is taking photos.


Fig.7 The visitor is playing the environmental protection games.