Warm congratulations on the first postdoctoral graduation at GEM’s post-doctoral research station
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On July 29th, 2017, the first review of postdoctoral research report and graduation was successfully held at the headquarters of GEM in Shenzhen. The panel is consist of Prof. Chen Yong, member of China Engineering Academy, Prof. Guo xueyi, Vice President of Central South University, Prof. Li Jinhui from Tsinghua University, Prof. Liu Qiang, Executive Vice President of China Materials Recycling Association, Prof. Xu Zhenming from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Prof. Xu Kaihua, Chairman of GEM. Leaded by Prof. Li Jinhui from Tsinghua University, the panel reviewed four postdoctoral research reports from Li Yi, Qiao Shaohua, Zhang Kun and Wang Jialiang.

Li Yi, Qiao Shaohua, Zhang Kun and Wang Jialiang worked on "Renewable Resources Trading Platform and Transaction Index Research", "Value of Old and Trailing Mines and Development Countermeasures", "Urban Mining and The Worldwide Cycle System " and "Nickel-Based Power Battery Cathode Precursor Material Synthesis " and reported to the assessment team, respectively.

The assessment team made crucial suggestions and amendments to the doctor's outbound reports, and agreed that the four postdoctoral outbound, identified the assessment level for all outstanding.

These four postdocs are trained by Central South University Postdoctoral Flow Station, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Energy Institute Postdoctoral Station and the GEM Postdoctoral Research Station, respectively. As the supervisor of these four postdocs, Prof. Xu Kaihua expressed his gratitude towards all the experts present in the GEM’s post-doctoral closedown report, and stated that GEM’s follow-up plan is to increase and enhance the post-doctoral workstations, in order to develop more high-level talents for circular economy industry in China, as the responsibility of an enterprise with green development mission.

Academician Chen Yong and other experts praised the work carried out by GEM’s post-doctoral workstations, announced the GEM’s Postdoctoral Program was highly strategic and instructive, and hoped that GEM, as the leader in the circular economy, would lead the company's strategic transformation and industry upgrade innovation through post-doctoral research.


Figure 1 Experts visit GEM's intelligent information monitoring platform and green recycling products


Figure 2. Postdoctoral Report Conference and Defence


Figure 3 Postdoctoral researchers and assessment team