Warmly Welcome Li Meng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology to Visit GEM(Jingmen) Recycling Industrial Park
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On the afternoon of July 23rd , 2017,Li Meng, Member of the Party Committee and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, led the 11th inspector team of the Fourth Large Supervision Activity by State Council to visit GEM(Jingmen) Recycling Industrial Park, accompanied by Zhang Yitao, Mayor of Jingmen city. Zhou Jifeng, Deputy General Manager of GEM Group, received them with a great hospitality and accompanied them to visit GEM(Jingmen) “Urban Mining” Museum, waste recycling and resource research institute, the environment monitoring management system, the manufactural center for ternary power battery materials and the under-construction area for new energy materials.

During the visit, Mr Zhou introduced GEM’s development to Mr Li and his group. With an advanced technology in 2004, GEM started its development in Jingmen. Proposing exploiting “urban mines” and developing key technologies to recycle used batteries, rare metals such as cobalt, nickel, tungsten, electronic waste and scrapped cars, GEM had been making every effort to turn wastes into resources. Mr Zhou also made a promise that GEM would still persist in exploiting “urban mines” and producing new energy materials in future, to make it become the world first-class enterprise of green industry.

As he visited, Mr Li were full of praise for GEM and frequently inquired the matters such as enterprise cost,the situations to carry forward “two abilities” to cultivate new momentum of enterprise development. When visiting waste recycling and resource research institute, Mr Li expressed that engineering research center was and must be the incubator for innovation of the enterprise to provide endless impetus for enterprise’s development, after knowing detailed information about the center’s construction and its staff. He also praised GEM for its transformation in new energy and spoke highly of GEM’s contribution to green disposal of “three wastes”.


Figure 1 Vice Minister Li Meng(the 3rd from right) visited GEM(Jingmen) “Urban Mining” Museum.


Figure 2 Vice Minister Li Meng( the front right) communicated with technicians.


Figure 3 Vice Minister Li Meng(the first from left) visited manufactural center for ternary power battery materials