Congratulations on the Signing of a Letter of Intent for Jonit Venture between GEM(Jingmen ) and Oxentia
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On July 14th,2017, OXFORD SUSTAINABLE FUELS LIMITED Terms Sheet was signed by GEM (Jingmen) New Materials Co.,Ltd., Oxford University,Oxentia、Doctor Xiao Tiancun, Professor Peter Edwards and Doctor Zhang Zhaoxi. The signing ceremony was held in Oxentia.All parties agreed on development and marketing the 13353 project of Oxentia. That was “renewable green processing technology and catalyst”, which were utilized in pyrolysis of waste organic matter.

Oxford University is one of the best universities in the world, enjoying a super high reputation. Many Nobel Prize Winners have been nurtured in its Chemical College, which is the global innovation center for chemical process technology. It has successively invented a lot of techniques about Lithium ion battery that can extert great influence on the science and technology civilization of the world. The technology to make biofuels from organic matters recycling is in the world advanced level.Oxentia, a wholly-owned branch company by Oxford University, was established in 1988, which is dedicated to the Commercialization and industrialization of the innovative achievements by Oxford University. It ranks the first in Europe in transferring the university technologies.

GEM began its cooperation with world first-class university. Through this cooperation, it is beneficial for GEM to gain the advanced technologies about waste recycling and new materials, to gather more excellent talents in the world, and to promote the internationalization of GEM’s innovation capability and improve the ability to dispose waste. It can also help to find a solution to the technical problem of disposal organic matters such as scrap tyres in a high-quality and environmentally-friendly way, which is the key problem in recycling scrap automobiles. New technologies would be provided in urban waste sorting. All of these can promote GEM’s profitability of the waste industry chain and its global competitiveness, which has bright prospects in industrialization.


Figure 1 Coo of Oxentia professor Adam Stoten(front right) and Chairman of GEM professor Xu Kaihui(front left) attended the signing ceremony.


Figure 2 Oxentia and GEM formally signed the contract.