3R Recycling Consumption Community ShopMarket Chain

3R Recycling Consumption Community ShopMarket Chain

TakeTargeting community consumption as the main body, from s we aim to form a new closed cycle consumption business model coversunder the form of a closed cycle covering production, consumption and recovery.
Following famous chain businesses such as MacDonald’s, Suning and Gome among others, the 3R Recycling Consumption Community ShopMarket Chain is an innovation on a national lifeinnovative business model after McDonald's, Suning, Gome and other well-known chain business, and designed on a national level to lead residentson the path to anachieving environmental protection, savingby economizing resources and lowreducing the global carbon consumption way, and  guide a carbon reduction road.environmental footprint.

On the morning of October 18, 2011, the first three 3R Recycling Consumption Community Shops withthemed around the theme of   (“3R shop)” circular consumption in China were opened in Wuhan city and Jingmen City of (Hubei province. Since then, the ). The debut of this first type of supermarket concentrated on low-carbon goods sale, second-hand goods consigning for sale on commission , renewable resources transaction and recycling debut in Hubei province, concentrating the sale and expedition of low-carbon products and recycled second-hand goods marked thatthe birth of a new consumption and recycling business life style which changedmodel lifestyle for GEM’s residents consumption model was borned!and soon Chinese citizens. 

The business model  based onthe on the “3R principle” principles of the circular economy

R1(Reduce) R2(Reuse) R3(Recycle)

Reduce— - the reduction principle of Low carbon goods sales ,revolves around the sale and consumption of low-carbon and energy-saving and emission-reduction products in order to reduce carbon footprint;

Reuse—the principle of the second-hand goods consignment , exchange and reuse;

Recycle—the principle of renewable resources recycling, Recovery and recycling ofand discarded products recovery and recycling.

"3R" creates plan to create two big large low-carbon projects, and makeeffectively put the concept of low-carbon into practice.

Carbon Label project: label the carbon amount on the footprint of products, to let the public know the difference between low-carbon products and high-carbon products, so asgoods in order to promote the conception of environmental projection. Carbon creditsCredits project: customers can have their own carbon credits byfor each consumption and recovery. With the scalarizationvalorization of the carbon emission reduction ,, customers can truly feel its impact and the footprintimportance of reducing carbon emission reduction.footprint.

Countrywide Initiate –E-waste recycling storeRecycling Store System
Charge by weight ,The GEM model: weighted pricing, transparent deals, standardized collection and green sustainable treatment.

GEM takesoperates in communities, and streets, organusing them as the main body through establishingfor introducing the electronic e-waste recycling center stores, supermarkets, logistics center, the center of centers, dismantling and recycling transfer station,stations in order to build a multi-level, cross -regional and large-scale implementation of the province's recycling system that can achieve the province's electronic a centralized, typified and harmless e-waste (including batteries, electronic appliances, scrap metal, waste plastics etc.), specification, harmless .) collection. The "sunshine in the provinces. GEM’s "transparent trading, centralized collection, safe storage and transportation, environmental protection" of GEM recovery mode,makesChinaplan transforms China’s electronic waste recycling modeenteredmode, diverting it from the original wayof distributed disorderly and guerrillato thecivilizedwayof fixed focus and the unsorted way, into a focused pricing timeand civilized recycling way.

GEM pioneered the China’s e-waste electrical and electronic products to the Jin priceweighted pricing, focus on the and is the source of a centralized standardized acquisition of the first specification, marks China's waste electrical and electronic products by the dispersion of disorder, the guerrilla style of the original recycling to the fixed point, thesystem, marking the change from an originally disorderly and scattered recycling ofsystem to a fixed-point recycling culture of recycling.. Isn’t that the same thing repeated?

3R Recycling Consumption Community ShopMarket Chain