Industry Chain of Waste Battery Recycling and Power Battery Material Manufacturing
We realized the high-value utilization of the whole life cycle value chain of “waste batteries -- power materials -- power battery packs”,
and created a large cycle mode from scrap end to green consumption end.

The percent of our annual amount of the recycling and disposal of waste batteries in China's total scrap


The percent of new energy cobalt-nickel battery raw materials recycled by us in the Chinese market

Used Batteries

Discarded Power Batteries

GEM's Green Dismantling Line for Waste Power Batteries

GEM's High Nickel Ternary Battery Material Manufacturing Workshop


Basic Material

Sulfate Precursor Materials

Cathode Material

China's largest waste battery recycling system

——Increased China's waste battery recycling rate from less than 1% to more than 10% today

After more than ten years of exploration and practice, GEM has built a multi-level, multi-directional, and cross-regional waste battery recycling system
with the city as the main body and the community as the unit.

Starting Ceremony of Waste Battery Recycling in Wuhan in 2008


Starting Ceremony of Waste Battery Recycling in Tianjin in 2015





Construct a 2+N model of mobile battery recycling system and
gradient utilization network
Taking Jingmen, Hubei as the waste mobile battery comprehensive utilization center, and Tianjin, Wuhan, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Lankao, Fengcheng,
etc. as the recycling centers, we will deploy a nationwide 2+N mobile battery recycling system.

In July, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other seven ministers jointly issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Pilot Project of Recycling New Energy Steam Battery”, and GEM became the main undertaking enterprise in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Hubei, Jiangsu and Guangdong.
In September 2018, Jingmen GEM New Materials Co., Ltd. selected the first batch of companies that meet the Industry Standards and Conditions for the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Battery from New Energy Automobiles” by the MIIT, clarifying its dominant position in the industry and enhancing its first-mover advantage.

Disassembly and comprehensive utilization of waste power battery
GEM has formed a complete cycle mode of partition dismantling, gradient utilization and material recycling in Jingmen, Wuhan and Wuxi.

The First Automatic Production Line for the Overall Utilization of Waste Batteries in GEM (Jingmen) Park

The Gradient Utilization of Battery Pack Assembly Lines in GEM (Wuhan) Park

Creating a full life cycle value chain system of “power battery recycling
--material recycling -- power battery pack recycling”
Working in conjunction with well-known domestic and foreign companies such as BAIC, BYD, Samsung, etc., we will start the social responsibility
cycle system led by automobile factories, participated by battery manufacturers and undertaken by recycling enterprises,
realizing the implementation of the life cycle value chain model.

GEM Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with DONGFENG, SAMSUNG on Green Supply Chain of New Energy Vehicles

GEM Signed a Cooperation Agreement with BAIC

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