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Administrative and HR manager
Situated in Shenzhen HQ with more than 5 years of administrative and HR-related working experience 2020-09-19
Job description:


1. Responsible for the daily reception and logistics management of the headquarters, as well as the large-scale reception of branch companies and subsidiaries, and other administrative tasks;

2. Responsible for the recruitment, performance appraisal, incentives and other HR duties of the group;


1. Full-time bachelor's degree or above in human resources, administration or related majors;

2. More than 5 years of administrative and HR-related working experience;

3. Have strategic and tactical thinking, the ability to solve complex problems; strong planning and implementation capabilities;

4. Have sound professional ethics, be pragmatic and stable, work carefully with a strong sense of responsibility, have strong communication and coordination skills, and be adapted to short-term business trips;

5. Experience in listed companies and manufacturing industry is preferred;

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Project application assistant
Situated in Shenzhen HQ with a bachelor's degree or above, majoring in chemistry, materials science and engineering 2020-09-19
Job description:

Job Requirements:

1. A bachelor's degree or above in chemistry, materials science and engineering;

2. No working experience is required, and fresh graduates are acceptable;


1. Participate in the application, tracking and process management of related innovation projects in the Shenzhen HQ;

2. Responsible for the application for various qualifications, honors and subsidies;

3. Responsible for maintaining the relevant honors and qualifications of the Shenzhen HQ (such as the qualification of high-tech enterprise);

4. Responsible for collecting information on preferential, support and reward policies of various provincial and local government departments;

5. Other work given by department leaders;

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Security manager
Situated in Shenzhen HQ with security-related working experience, and be familiar with security work 2020-09-19
Job description:


1. Responsible for fire prevention, theft prevention and accident prevention in accordance with security regulations and protecting the company's interests;

2. Strictly implement the verification system to prevent unauthorized access to the company and maintain the order inside the company;

3. Deal with the emergencies in the company in time and report them;

4. Responsible for the security of the chairman and other senior managers;

5. Complete other temporary tasks given by the leaders;

Job Requirements:

1. 20-40 years old, well-featured and healthy;

2. No record of bad behaviors; retired or be demobilized from the armed police, the special force, or the Hong Kong garrison within 3 years;

3. Have a strong sense of service, safety, and responsibility, and follow orders from the company;

4. Have security-related working experience, and be familiar with security work;

5. Those who have a driver's license are preferred;

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