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Marketing assistant
Situated in Jingmen with a bachelor's degree or above, and the work experience in international trade is preferred 2020-09-19
Job description:

Job Requirements:

1. Have a bachelor's degree or above, and the working experience in international trade is preferred;

2. Language: can freely communicate with others in Korean with sound oral communication capability in business scenes; familiar with the local Korean market, understand Korean culture, and accept business trips.

3. Have excellent communication skills, problem-analyzing, problem-solving, and thinking capabilities;

4. Be honest and trustworthy, hardworking, lively and outgoing, proactive and responsible, with reliable working style and strong execution;

Work content:

1. Contact with customers, and track orders with factories;

2. Handle mail, receive visiting clients, and actively explore the global market;

3. Visit Korean clients;

4. Other jobs given by the leaders.

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