Industry Chain of the Recycling and Reclamation of Scrapped Automobiles
It pioneered the Chinese "processing-based, mechanized, harmless, resource-based, information-based and educational-based" scrapped vehicles processing
model. The whole industry chain of dismantling, crushing, comprehensive sorting and remanufacturing auto parts for scrapped cars has become
the world's leading base for comprehensive utilization of scrapped vehicles.

recycling and treatment bases for scrapped automobiles

150,000+ tons

Disposed scrapped vehicles

GEM's Scrapped Vehicles Yard

GEM's Scrapped Vehicles Dismantling Line

The world's advanced non-ferrous metal intelligent sorting system
Achieving the classification and sorting of various metals in five intelligent sorting technologies: Gravity sorting, magnetic sorting,
eddy current sorting, X-ray identification, optical identification and so on to .

Non-ferrous Metal Intelligent Sorting System

World advanced waste catalyst recycling system
The technology developed by REMONDIS, the giant of European waste treatment and recycling, and self-developed technology have
been used to carry out environmental treatment on waste automobile exhaust gas purification catalysts and
complete extraction of platinum, palladium, rhodium and other precious metals.
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