Supportive Assistances to Yushu Show Boundless Love
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Help is always on the way. At 9 o'clock in the morning on April 21, GEM summoned all employees to make donations for the earthquake-stricken areas in Yushu.

At 7:49 on April 14, 2010, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake once again tore apart the bloody wound of the Wenchuan earthquake that just started to heal. This time, it was Yushu that suffered. Two years later, the demon-like earthquake changed its target from Sichuan Basin to the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to destroy the place of equally picturesque scenes, long history, and blended culture, and the pure and kind people here who were living peaceful lives. This disaster lay at the heart of Party Central Committee, all the people nationwide, and all GEM employees.

Although the earthquake is merciless, helping other is the permanent traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. So love was gathered to save lives one after another. The sympathetic GEMers quickly made the move by donating to the earthquake-stricken areas in Yushu under the leadership of the chairman Xu Kaihua, thus presenting their love to the disaster-hit populations. Initiated in four sites with a total amount of 159203 yuan received from all GEM employees, this donation is another embodiment of our harmonious and caring corporate culture, and meanwhile strengthens our social empathy and corporate cohesion.

We are here to express our deep condolences to the unfortunate victims in the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai, and extend our sincere greetings to the people affected by the disaster! We believe that the people of Yushu will surely win the fight against the earthquake!

The chairman visited the donation scene of GEM Jingmen
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