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Specification: Rhodium is a silver-white metal, which is extremely hard, wear-resistant, and has considerable ductility.

Rhodium is mostly used to make alloys, such as platinum and rhodium alloys; It is also used to make hydrogenation catalysts, thermocouples and other bright and hard coatings, for example, being plated on silverware or camera parts, and on searchlights and reflectors. It is also used for polishing and electrical contact parts of gemstones. It is a rare and precious metal with a wide range of industrial uses.

At moderate temperatures, it can resist most common acids (including aqua regia). It can react with hot concentrated sulfuric acid, hot hydrobromic acid, sodium hypochlorite and free halogen at 200-600℃. It does not react with many molten metals, such as gold, silver, sodium and potassium, and molten alkali.

Uses: suitable for gold ingots produced from various gold raw materials

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