Expert group

  • Xu Kaihua
    Professor, founder of GEM
    Brief introduction

    Professor/postdoctoral advisor of metallurgy, chemistry, materials science;

    35 years of experience in industrial research, teaching and industrialization;

    Winner of National Science and Technology Progress Award (2010, 2018);

    Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Committee of the National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recycling;

    A national consultant in recycling economy;

    An industrial consulting expert in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  • Zhang Yunhe
    Postdoctoral and expert who enjoy special allowances from the State Council
    Brief introduction

    Chief Engineer of GEM Group;
    Expert in Waste Comprehensive Utilization and Ternary Materials Research;
    Professor of Metallurgy, Chemistry, Materials Science;
    years of Industry Research, Teaching and Industrialization Experience;
    Received National Science & Technology Progress Award(Second Class)once.Received Provincial Level Scientific & Technological Progress Award (First Class) twice.

  • Zhang Kun
    Brief introduction

    Deputy Director of the Chinese National WEEE Recycling Engineering Research Center;
    Dean of GEM Institute of Waste Recycling and New Materials;
    Senior Research Fellow of GEM Urban Mineral Strategy.

  • Yang Zhengxin
    Brief introduction

    Research expert on recycling of scrapped automobiles /Mechatronics expert;
    Dean of GEM Engineering and Technology Research Institute of Scrap Automobile as a Whole;
    Member of the National Galaxy Large Computer Data System Research Group;
    Won the Third Prize of Naval Scientific and Technological Progress Achievements and the Second Prize of Teaching Achievements of Shandong Provincial Education Commission;
    He presided over the completion of topics such as 863 Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Defense Pre-research Fund, and published 3 academic monographs and 45 academic theses.

  • Kim Man-gil
    Brief introduction

    Environmental chemical industry science major;
    Expert Consultant for GEM battery material production, technology, equipment;
    Former chief of Samsung SDI battery material technology innovation department;
    Many years of research experience in LIB positive electrode material technology, cobalt oxide (Co3O4 ) Precursor technology.

  • Craig Boljkovac
    Brief introduction

    Senior UN official;
    GEM Chief International Advisor;
    Senior Consultant and Lecturer at Tsinghua University Center for Excellence established by the United Nations Basel and Stockholm Convention;
    Former UN Key Project Manager of Chemicals and Waste Management;
    Has cooperated with more than 100 UN member states to carry out environmental protection projects and activities;
    Served as the chairperson of the inter-organizational project on the sound management of chemicals (IOMC) and coordinated international Activities related to chemicals and waste with the heads of the chemicals programme of the United Nations, OECD and World Bank.

Leading talents

  • Liu Wenze

    A leading figure in the industrial practice of ultrafine cobalt powder and large-particle cobalt oxide

  • Guo Miaomiao (Doctor)

    A leading figure in the field of rare metal recycling technology and product development

  • Ma Lin

    A leading figure in the field of public testing and toxicity evaluation of WEEE

  • Li Qinxiang (Postdoctor)

    A leading figure in technology research and development and industrialization development in the field of comprehensive recovery of valuable metals from complex raw materials difficult to treat

  • Xu Shiguo (Doctor)

    A leading figure in research on high-end lithium cobalt oxide materials and ternary cathode materials

  • Feng Hao (Doctor)

    A leading figure in tungsten resource recycling, key technology research and industrialization development of tungsten product recycling

  • Qin Yufei (Doctor)

    Excellent strategic research expert in the field of e-waste recycling

Innovation Conference and Prizes

From 2017 to 2020, leading talents have awarded with RMB10 million for four consecutive years. To carry forward the innovation culture of "innovation is glorious, innovation is great, and innovation has dignity", and embody the innovative spirit of "innovation in running and innovation at full split", they have been awarded 10 Mercedes Benz cars and 8 BMW cars successively.
The innovation vitality of leading talents has been released by loosening the system. The leading talents are given RMB2,000,000 of discretionary funds each year, to choose their own topics, form their own teams, be their own boss, and completely break the shackles them exert their abilities. Let the "head geese" fly freely on the broad scientific research platform.

GEM has issued an innovative project guide and innovation incentive system valued at 300 million yuan, while fully implementing the partnership mode to put in place the innovation projects. According to the new rules, "research and development will be rewarded" and "transformation of R&D into achievement will be rewarded", while the rewards can account for as much as 20% of the said achievement.

The Prizes For Leading Innovators
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