Industrial Chain for WEEE Recycling and High Value Utilization
GEM's mission is to undertake efficient recycling processes for electronic waste, leading to the
development of e-waste recycling technological advancements.
10+ million sets

The annual recycling amount of WEEE


which accounts for more than of the total household waste in China

50,000+ tons

Annual processing capacity of waste PCB is above


accounting for over of the total scrap in China

100,000+ tons

Annual regenerating modified plastics, WPC and plastic products is over

100,000+ tons

Annual waste plastics recycling amount is over

100,000+ tons

Annual processing capacity of scrap metal is over




Electrolysis Copper

Plastic Pallets / Plastic Trash Cans


Regenerating Plastic particles

The world's leading green treatment technology of electronic waste
We developed our own technologies for intelligent identification, efficient separation and resource utilization of waste electrical and electronic products, created a
complete set of automatic disposal production line for dismantling waste household appliances, realizing the fine disassembly of "TV sets, refrigerators,
washing machines, air conditioners and microcomputers" and LCDs, and the metal and non-metal recovery rate reached 99.0%.
Recycling of waste plastics
GEM has established WPC profile manufacturing centers and large-scale injection molding centers in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Xinhua, Hunan Province, with an annual recycling of more than 50,000 tons of plastic profiles and an annual production of more than 100,000 tons of injection-molded products such as plastic pallets. After modified by plastic pellets,the durability, cold resistance and heat resistance of plastic products and WPC profiles are greatly improved. GEM WPC products are actively adopted by mainstream municipal projects in more than ten provinces and cities in China, and 70% of them are exported to Europe, making it one of the bases of WPC profiles in China.

GEM’s Plastic Profile Production Workshop

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