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Jingmen Lvyuan Environmental Protection Industry Development Co., Ltd. was established on February 16, 2012. Its main business is to remake environmentally friendly bricks with waste muds and waste residues into in a green way. Its annual output is 30 million standard bricks and 20 million porous bricks.

Business goals and objectives: reduce environmental pollution and benefit mankind; turn waste into treasure, use patented technology to manufacture new environmentally friendly materials, and protect rare resources on earth.

Lvyuan company applies the most advanced tunnel-furnace sintering technology and billet making equipment to dry, crush and screen industrial slags and sludges at the bottom of rivers and lakes, and then add shales and coal gangues (or coal). After correct proportioning and aging, the company uses advanced equipment to produce non-toxic, harmless, durable and environmentally friendly red bricks. The GEM-produced red brick is a new type of green building material. It is completely assuring since it has passed the inspection and certification of competent national authorities and professional testing agencies in construction, environmental protection, and quality supervision.

  • The production process of the brick factory:

    Drying of waste residue and waste mud → crushing of auxiliary materials such as shale or coal gangue → screening → test formula → adding of internal fuel → mixing and stirring → aging → strong stirring → vacuum extrusion → cutting into pieces → billet setting → physical drying → sintering → products finished.

  • Eco-friendly Bricks:

    With simple and natural appearance, an eco-friendly brick features sound durability, standard size, complete outline, and uniform color. It can be used in a dry wall or for any exterior decoration. Therefore, it is a promising substitute for clay bricks.

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